Friday, October 14, 2005

The Best I Can Offer is To Be Myself

I know what it feels like when you so want the best for someone. I mean, surely it must be good if you want someone to be well. I have had that intention for my mother. Over the years as I studied different healing techniques, I've tried to help her get well. Sometimes the technique worked for a short while then it was back to square one. The problem is I expect fast results; my mother believes things takes time, though she is open to miracles. (She has experienced being healed of a sprain in less than one minute). She has witnessed me being healed of all sorts without medication, so she knows this is possible. The best I can do for her is to let go of all expectations of her and let her be. I trust that she already has all the resources she needs.

Yesterday when I went home I asked my mother how her day was. She's about to go on holidays and she's been doing last minute shopping. She said while she was on her way out she was in so much pain she couldn't move her leg so she had to come back home. While she was resting, she had a visit from two friends. Her two friends, who are also Christians, prayed for her and she felt a lot better. She even went out shopping later. You see my mother has her beliefs and she prefers to follow what she believes to be true and I respect her for it.

The best way I can help anyone is to be myself. When I share my experiences on the Internet, I am sharing a perspective of what is possible. I have no expectations how this information is used. No doubt many will find what I write inspirational. Let me put it another way. Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, people didn't think it was possible. Many new world records have been created and broken because of Bannister.

This morning while I was getting dressed I couldn't decide whether to take a long coat or my fleece jacket. I asked my mother what the weather forecast was supposed to be.

She said, "I don't know. What difference does it make to you anyway?"
"See mum," I said laughing, "you're learning."

My mother and I have had discussions about how I can be wearing a cardigan when everyone is complaining of heat. She reckons I live in my own world. My mother's comments is an indication that through our interactions she has observed another possibility of what is.

I met a baby recently who I thought was really cute. I told mum it was a pity the baby was so young. Mum said that in 18 years' time we might meet up again and the young man will not know I am old enough to be his grandmother because I'll still look the same. This shows that my mother now accepts that eternal youth is a possibility because she has observed that reality in me.

There really is no point rushing around trying to change someone or impose my view of reality on anyone; nor would I like someone trying to change me. All I have to offer is to be the best I know how to be and share my experiences. I then leave it to people to do with the information as they see fit.

Everyone has all the resources they'll ever need.


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