Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cor Blimey, Guv'nor!

I had one of those days yesterday.

I went to my local library to post some work I had on disc on to my blog. The library assistant scanned the disc for virus and said while no virus was detected, an error message had come up. When I tried to open the disc, it wouldn't open. The library assistant said I didn't have a hope in hell of opening the disc as there was obviously an error. I begged to differ. So I asked Infinite Intelligence to open the disc for me. I reminded the One that I needed to post my work on the blog. Three of the files I had been working on opened, while one opened only part of the text and said the rest of it had errors. The interesting thing is that I had written something about "error" on that same piece. It would seem the file had taken the text literally and converted it to "error." Blimey! I decided not to use that version and re-wrote the piece.

I had also been thinking about a website about positive intentions which a friend had told me about, but I hadn't kept the information. I did a search on Google. In the meantime I opened another browser and sent my friend an email asking for the link. When I got back into Google, I saw the computer/Intelligence had automatically opened up the website for me. I sent another email to my friend asking her to confirm whether the web page Infinite Intelligence had opened for me was the correct one. Hahaha. The One who Knows All had opened up a web page I wanted and here I am asking for confirmation. Oh ye of little faith! Hahaha. It was the right website of course.

Later on a bus I noticed this beauty salon. Years ago, I went there to have my nails manicured. I had been very paranoid about my nails because I thought they didn't looked normal. The therapist admired my nails, particularly the white tips. She said people came to the salon to have French manicures and I already have natural French manicure.

I intended to get off the bus to run an errand but I had a feeling I should stay on the bus and get off a mile or so down to catch another bus into the west end. This is exactly what I did. As I waited for my next connection, a woman alighted from another bus and said hello. I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't quite place where I had met her. She said, "You don't remember me, do you? We met on a bus, remember?" It was then I remembered. I told her it was good to see her and she was off.

On the bus journey where we met, there I was lost in thought when a young lady beside me said, "Excuse me? I just want to say how beautiful your nails are." That was how our conversation had started. Isn't it amazing that she should pop up now?

I'm wondering, had I sensed I was going to meet this young lady again which got me thinking about my nails and that beauty salon? Or was it my thoughts about my nails that made me continue that journey till I met that young lady. Hmmm! Which came first - the finger or the nail? Hahaha.

When I went home I shared some spider jokes I'd made up with my mother. We had a giggle. When I went to have a bath I saw a baby spider in the sink. After I'd finished having a birth there was another spider. I told my mother that we should stop thinking about the creatures as they were interpreting my thoughts about them as a call for love.

Speaking of which, I'd better end with a disclaimer.

"Any mention of the eight-legged insects which shall remain nameless is incidental and should not be taken as an indication that I am calling out to them. Go spin your webs elsewhere. And all words I have used in this piece are but symbols only and not to be taken literally."
That's all folks.

Lots of love,