Monday, October 31, 2005

Fear of Being a Clone

Oneness can be expressed in two ways: from a place of Love or a place of fear. Oneness from a place of love is recognising a loving presence in all that makes us all want to be happy, free and enjoy life.

When oneness is expressed from a place of fear, it's about wanting to control through a dominant idea or belief. Then you find people wanting everyone to follow the same master, or the same doctrine. Baa Baa!

This morning at the local tube station I noticed a man pushing a baby in a buggy. I let him through the doors. I asked the cashier for a week's bus pass. While I was waiting for my pass I heard the man asking for the same. Then I went to catch my bus. There are several buses that stop at that station. When my bus arrived I saw the same man trying to get on the same bus.

I've noticed that I tend to meet people who have got similar goals, at least in that moment. Take one day last week I was thinking of naturists and how in the documentaries I've seen about naturism, you never see attractive people with fit bodies. A day or so later while I was waiting for a bus I got chatting to this woman. Don't ask me how the conversation moved on to naturism but it did. The woman said there never seems to be attractive people in naturists beaches. Hehehe!

Does oneness mean we are all going to be doing the same thing and thinking the same thoughts? Of course not. While I shared similar goals with the man I saw this morning, what we were actually sharing was the one Love, which manifested as bus passes. We parted company when I got off the bus to express the one Love in my own way; and he stayed on the bus to express the one Love in his own way.

To those who are fearful of being a clone, here's a reminder. Think of how many people who wish to experience falling in love? I don't hear people saying "Oooh, I'm scared that if I fall in love, I'll be like everyone else." The problem is people have so bought into the one idea of how love should be that they end up acting like clones. But if we are to remember that the One Love that is in you is in your partner, there will be no need to control anyone. You enjoy being love in whatever way you choose to express love.

Another reminder. Many people wish to have kids. Does wanting to experience having a family mean you're being a clone? Of course not. I am glad my mother chose to play the game of parenting, her way of expressing the one Love. It's not a game I intend to play but I respect those who want to. Writing is my way of raising a family.

Oneness is not about being a clone. Oneness is about being the One in one's unique way.

Loving you all,