Friday, October 14, 2005

Following My Own Rhythm

The name of this blog is Infinite Life, Infinite Joy. It is about how I am being true to myself, and what makes life more meaningful for me. I cannot be true to myself if I'm not following my own life rhythm.

Over the years, I have been gradually slowing down to my own pace. Even when I worked in an office I stopped rushing around and did thing in my own time. Now I work in my own time. Another way I've slowed down is travelling by bus, which has given me a different perspective of life. Indeed, many of my realisations have occurred during my travels by bus. I also haven't worn a watch in a while. The irony is I'm still very much aware of time but I am not ruled by time. When I post these articles, I use public places such as the library and Internet cafes that are very time-oriented. Yet, I have learned how to use time to my advantage. It just shows that it's not about how much time one has but what one's intention is.

Yesterday I came across a book called In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore. I decided to speed-read through it. Haha.

In Honore's intelligent and very well-researched book, he discusses how slowness is changing the way many people live their lives. He examines various aspects of every day living such as nutrition, work, leisure, exercise, sex, and the way we think. For instance many people are discovering that Yoga connects them to the stillness within; and when one is still one is more creative and of course peaceful. Honore is not saying everyone should think and act slowly, but for us to connect to our innate rhythm so each of us can achieve whatever we need to in our own time.

Let's say the slow movement reached a critical mass, how much would this change or influence society? That rather depends. Honore talks about doctors, for instance, having more time with their patients. This implies that while people might be less stressed, the fact that you need to see a doctor suggests there is still the belief in sickness. In pre-industrial society, life was slow but people still got sick and died. In my view, the cult of slowness might slow down aging and cut down on sickness but it will not wipe out the belief in aging and sickness. But the cult of slowness is a wonderful idea. I'm glad this book has been written.

While I was speed-reading in the bookshop the most amazing thing happened. I stopped to listen to this particular music the shop was playing. The tempo was very fast in comparison to the topic of the book I was reading. Then the tempo of the same music changed and it slowed down considerably. This made me laugh out loud, at least in silence. Talk about the music reflecting my inner state of slowness!

In the meantime, there was an announcement in the shop that the superstar author, Jackie Collins, was coming to the bookshop for some signings. There I was reading about slowness while all around me were people rushing about trying to get seats for the event. When Jackie arrived there was a flurry of flashing paparazzi. I heard Jackie reading from her latest book. As I've read a few of her novels, I abandoned the book of slowness in favour of a bit of raunch. Jackie answered some questions from the audience about her books, and about life in Hollywood. It was interesting to experience two realities at the same time: the world of a superstar that is all go, and my own time.

Infinite life is about staying connected to my own natural rhythm while still having fun with other realities.

Peace and Love,