Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gently Does It

While I was brushing my teeth this morning I was conscious how much unnecessary force I was applying. Since Love is everywhere present, there is no need for me to force anything, just let it happen. My breathing slowed down to an absolute stand-still, and the brush did a waltz around my teeth and gums; what grace!

As I applied my make-up I was aware how hard my finger tips were rubbing against my skin. Gosh! What ever happened to the gentle approach? Maybe I think that if I apply the makeup gently it won't go on. I changed my approach and just let it flow. My finger tips felt like a gentle breeze against my skin. Hmmm! Lovely!

On my walk to the bus stop I was aware how much force I was using to walk. Here we go again! So I let Love walk me. It was such a gentle movement, as if I was floating in space.

And here I am sitting in front of a computer screen bashing away and my arms are hurting. I'm now letting the Intelligence move my fingers effortlessly. I am totally relaxed.

Gently does it! All is well.