Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Handle With Care

I've never had a baby but I have handled a few. I've also met loads on my travels.

I have been very careful how I carry babies as they seem so fragile, though I know babies are very strong. Yeah, they are so flexible, their joints are so supple, considering they don't even practise Yoga.

My point is we are still very careful the way we handle babies, aren't we? We are gentle with their soft skin. They have even developed special lotions and creams for babies to keep their skin soft, or so the products claim. I wonder if that's why I use baby lotion on my skin? Nah! I'm way too intelligent to buy into advertising.

Before you can say waah, baby is now a big baby, as in an adult, and now we need special products for adult skin, which keeps them soft, smooth and younger looking. (I must stop watching those adverts). Hey, what happened to the gentle hugs and kisses that are portrayed on commercials for baby products? I deserve to be petted too.

Handling babies with care, and wanting to make sure they are well taken care of, is a reminder of my real Self's true nature. My nature is tenderness, sweetness and light. I have not been designed to rush about like a headless chicken. Speed is not normal.

I consider myself to be very relaxed and peaceful. I can be in a noisy room and I am not bothered. I can fall asleep with music blaring and it wouldn't bother me. And yet I feel as if my body is not totally aligned with my peaceful nature. I still feel, as I write this, that there are two versions of me: the me whose body is trying to keep up with modern society; and the me that is chilling out. I know there is only one me of course, but how come it doesn't always feel that way?

Another way to describe it is observing the changes in the seasons. I know that the real Energy that is the substance of all is unchanging, therefore, we shouldn't be experiencing change in seasons. However, there is another consciousness that is the exact opposite which is in constant flux; it is the consciousness that makes people get sick, grow old and die. Thus, the world we experience is a "negative" print version of the vibrant real world. Knowing and being aware of what is real is one thing; living as the real is another.

Last night as I walked to catch my bus, I was aware of having my being in Source Energy that is unchanging. I could feel my breathing slowing down and I wasn't breathing. There was also the "counterfeit" consciousness vying for attention. I felt pressure around me, saw commuters rushing around, while I sauntered to the bus station. As I was waiting for the bus to arrive, I saw the world as continuous waves of energy moving about while I focused on my connection as the Soul of the Universe that is completely still.

This stillness is my natural rhythm. Being at my real rhythm doesn't mean things don't get done. As a matter of fact, I get more done because I have all the time in the world.

Even as I type this I am aware that I have slowed down considerably and yet I am also conscious of how connected I am with everything in the here and now. There's no rush; there is never a need to rush. All is well.

I am a newborn baby, all sweetness and light. Please handle with care. Why? Because I'm worth it.


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