Saturday, October 22, 2005

How Do I Feel?

I've heard people who appear old, as we collectively define "old", talk about how they feel as if they are 18 (or forever young) inside. I know the feeling.

I wonder what age babies feel inside? If we could understand their language, maybe they'd tell us they feel like their real self that is joy, love and freedom. Is it any wonder many babies are so joyful.

Not only do I feel like my real self that is full of life, joy and love, I am now living as my real self.

The real me feels like a presence yet I don't feel as if I have a form or solid in any way. This is why I now do things without actually feeling the action in a physical sense. For instance, when I walk as my real me, I have no sense of a body but if feels like I'm floating on air; I am weightless. I am a swan gliding on a lake. The moment I walk with an awareness of having a physical body it feels painful.

I've also developed a different typing style now where I'm typing but barely touching the keyboard. It feels so much more relaxing for me.

Does the real self feel the same for everyone? I have no idea. All I know is what the real self feels like for me.

I feel Love.