Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Would Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!

Recently for three days in a row, the Internet was down at the library where I usually post my work. The library staff said we should all complain. I said it was not my style to complain, which I believe negates the excellent service I always receive. The library staff insisted that they are supposed to provide efficient service all the time. They believed their IT department was not going to take the problems seriously unless more people complained. Someone shoved a complaint form in my hands. I took it with me and dumped it in the bin.

I have noticed companies have "suggestions" boxes and complaints forms, but I've never seen an appreciation box. I wonder why?

We seem to live in a whining society where it is believed complaining will get you the desired results. I don't believe in complaining. When I complain I'm focusing my attention on faults which manifests more of the same. Let's say I bought something that was faulty, I'll simply return it and either ask for my money back or exchange it for another product.

People perform better when they are appreciated. Focus on someone's "bad" behaviour and that's all you'll see, which doesn't give the other person room to be more. If you have nothing good to say about someone, focus on someone you have something good to say about; or say nothing.

But how is society going to improve if you don't complain or make suggestions? I know from experience that what I put my attention on is magnified. I would rather give my attention to all the good work and excellent service I receive; I also know that everyone is always doing the best they can based on beliefs and environment.

Take what is happening globally such as natural disasters, wars and attacks. Governments, religions, scientists, and the media spend so much energy focused on the worst and when it happens, governments says "We were right to warn our nationals about an attack, see it has happened!" Religion responds "We knew this would happen; it is that prophecy come true!" Scientists say "It is just as we predicted; we were right!" As for the media, well disasters are their bread and butter anyway. Of course they are all right. If you focus your energy on the worst, it happens.

Everyone has the right to complain. I would rather be grateful for all the good I am receiving, thank you very much.

With love,