Monday, October 10, 2005

I’ll Be There No Matter What

A while back I was really getting stressed about something. The content doesn’t matter now but I was panicking about the next day, which was very unlike me. I had this strong desire to watch aeroplanes land and take off. I went on a ride (several bus rides) to Heathrow airport. I went into the visitor’s gallery and watched planes land and take off. I also amused myself listeing to plane-spotters getting excited about various models. Suddenly a song I’ve never heard before or since came on the radio. The chorus said:

"No matter what tomorrow brings
I’ll be there,
I’ll be there."
I knew it was a message for me to trust in what is. The next day and the days after, everything went well. It was literally out of my hands.

Who is the one that is always there? Infinite Intelligence also called Divine Love. Wherever I am, this Intelligence is always there. When I think of tomorrow, the Intelligence is already there. When I think of a month’s time, the Intelligence is also there. No matter what time and place I project to, the Intelligence is already there. This Intelligence has infinite resources. This Intelligence can create any reality, all I have to do is trust in It. So instead of panicking about what is going to happen, or having regrets over what might have been, all I have to do is remember that Infinite Intelligence is in all time.

Let’s say I’m thinking of meeting someone at a specific date and time. If I think of the person as existing in time and space, I’m bound to expect the person to be on time, early or late. I might worry about getting there on time or that something might happen. Even if I was disciplined enough to only focus on what I would like to happen, I still have to be very careful I don’t have an opposing thought as that might manifest instead.

On the other hand, I could stop thinking of my friend and our arrangements and focus only on the truth that Infinite Intelligence is ever present. Put another way, everything exists within Infinite Intelligence. Thus, no matter what the future brings, no matter what is going on the human level, I know that all is well. Infinite Intelligence has already got it covered.

Why worry when I already know all is well?

Be Happy.