Monday, October 31, 2005

Is There a Devil?

Is there such a thing as the devil, satan or the ego?
Does the One have an adversary?

First of all let me just define what I mean by the One. The One is a presence that is beyond concepts and ideas, an Impersonal Love and Goodness, that is everywhere present. The One is the substance of all, the creative intelligence in all.

The earth (and other realities like earth) is like a game. The object of the game is to realise there is only One taking on the many forms. To make the game more challenging, every move you make there is an antagonist trying to distract you from your objective.

Thus, the devil, (satan or the ego) is any thought, word or deed that distracts you from realising there is only One.

This game has been going on for eternity and continues in other realities. If you live without realising your true purpose, when you pass away from this realm you end up in another game with further distractions, until you realise the truth of the One.

One way the devil distracts us is through the belief that food is both good and bad for you. Foods that are bad for you seem to attack you. Another illusion. Since there is only One in all, it shouldn't matter anyway what one eats or drinks.

Yesterday I decided to prepare a lovely meal. I haven't cooked in ages. As I was chopping the onions my eyes started to sting. Aha, another distraction. I was having none of that. I said, "You can't fool me onion. I know the One in me is the same One in you." The stinging instantly stopped.

What about the tendency for people to be critical of other people. You are forgetting that the One in you is the same One in the other you are judging. All it takes is to realise there is only One and the desire to judge is removed.

Religion is meant to teach people about the One yet they only succeed in creating further divisions. There are religions who teach there is only one way to God. If they only realised that the One in one religion is the same One in all religions, cults and groups.

Another distraction tool the devil uses is pain and suffering. Have you noticed that when you have pain it is usually a part (or parts of the body) that hurts? You end up focusing on that part that hurts and believe that part has its own mind which is attacking you. Why would the One attack itself? To reverse the effect just think that there is only the One Love in all.

I could list hundreds of examples about how the devil distracts one but I'd rather spend my time exalting the One.

The One has no opposites. Whatever appears as an adversary is the devil, an illusion, whose purpose is to distract you from knowing the truth of the One behind all forms.

Only One Exists.

Game Over!