Monday, October 17, 2005

A Jolly Ride

Earlier today I accompanied my mother to Gatwick airport. She's off on her hols. We caught the train from Victoria. Yippee, a train ride for a change. My mother asked me whether we'd caught the right train as in the Gatwick Express, as opposed to the slower train. Just as the train was leaving, the announcement came on the tannoy welcoming passengers onboard, spoken in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. "Yes mum, we are on the right train. I can't imagine them speaking to passengers in five languages on the other trains." A fellow passenger joined in the conversation. She said people would find it very odd hearing train announcements in five languages.

OK in London we're used to hearing different languages but to hear this on normal trains would be taking the biscuit. Can you imagine people's reactions?

Passenger A: "These bloody foreigners have come to our country and taken our jobs and houses, now they expect us to speak their languages."

Passenger B: "I only want to get to Brighton, mate."

Hahaha. OK, my imagination was running away with me as I was probably bored.

A while back I caught a train to go down South from Waterloo station. While I waited to buy my ticket, I thought it was very strange so many French people were travelling down South. I finally twigged I was at the International section queuing up with passengers going on Eurostar to the Continent. No wonder! Hehehe!

On the train to Gatwick I saw this girl listening to her stereo, Ipod or whatever they're called these days. She was belting out a song. To the trained, self-conscious, adult ear, the girl was tone deaf, but that didn't stop her singing. That's the thing about being a child; you sing to express yourself not because you are talented. At least it made the journey entertaining.

You've gotta have a laugh.

Have a good day.