Thursday, October 20, 2005

On Dying

Every experience I have whether it is personal or shared is always connected to the bigger picture of who I am.

I knew that when my mother was planning to go away on holidays, it was also connected with my destiny of being. What is good for one is always good for another. There is only One. I now realise that the Universal "I" has giving me this space to die. By dying, I don't mean in the sense that we understand death where the physical body disintegrates, it is dying to a physical sense of the world.

When I came out this morning I felt like I was a new me, that I was walking without feeling my body. I've had this experience lots of times before but I've always slipped back into the physical sense of being. It feels to me that I've reached a point when the Spiritual sense of reality has taken over. Enough game playing. It's time to be Spirit 100%.

I feel very much excited and curious to experience life as Being.

Yahoo!! Dying feels great!

With love,