Friday, October 14, 2005

Plug In - 2

Thoughts create static, a temporary disconnection from the Energy of One.

When I am plugged into the Universe, I am pure Energy. You know something, my walk is different. I am gliding and each movement is a joy; gaiety in action. I am a squirrel that hops about with hardly a sound. You only know a squirrel is about when you hear a crackle or two.

I am stillness in motion; weightlessness, playfulness, lithesome, freedom.

The world stretches around me.
Maybe it is I stretching around the world.
No difference.

Plugging in is simply acknowledging that I am Energy, I am Love, I am Substance, I am Infinite Intelligence.

Oh what it is to be plugged in all the time, forever and ever and ever.

Oh what it is to be in joy for ever and ever and ever.

Off to reconnect in silence.

Plugging in.


EnOcia = I C A One

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