Friday, October 14, 2005

Plug In

When you plug into electricity, there is a continuous flow of electricity. Just because a light bulb doesn't work doesn't mean there's no electricity flowing. Just remove the bulb and touch the base and you'll soon find out. The only time an electricity stops flowing is when you've switched it off or it's been disconnected from the main energy grid.

What is my point?

There is an Energy grid that I can plug into at any time. This is my essence. It doesn't matter what my beliefs are, what I think I know, what my actions have been in the past, what my future plans are, my successes or failures; I can plug in now and enjoy my essence.

Yesterday I had some sharp pain in my back. I didn't care what the cause was. I thought to myself "I am plugged in" and imagined my hands like a plug connecting into the Grid. Just like one has access to the entire energy grid when one is plugged into electricity, I knew I also had access to Infinite Energy. I didn't have to think about how I was going to be made whole I just knew I was connected. The pain stopped. I was back to being my real self.

This Energy grid is available here and now. What stops me from connecting to it at all time? There's the habit of thinking I need to understand truth to demonstrate it. None of that matters. This Energy grid is my true wealth.

I am plugged in.



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