Thursday, October 27, 2005

What Blesses One Blesses All

Some months back they showed the sci-fi series, Dr Who, on television. I soooo wanted to watch the whole series, but I was never home on time to watch them. They usually repeated the same episode later on another channel but I would either forget to watch it, or my mother and I would be watching something else when the repeat was on. I only saw 3 episodes in the end.

Well guess what? They've decided to show the whole series this week. I get to catch up on all the episodes I missed out on. It's funny how they are showing them now. My mother is away on holidays right now, due next week. She's not into sci-fi. Seems I got my wish fulfilled which I can enjoy all alone while my mother is having fun where she is. What blesses me, blesses my mother, and all Dr Who fans.

A while back my mother hired a gardener to trim the hedges in front of the house. The gardener put the weeds in a black bag. For some reason, the dustbin men don't like taking this kind of rubbish, even when they've been put in a refuse bag and on top of the wheelie bin. I was going to test them to see whether they would remove the bag but the rubbish was too heavy for me to lift and it was way too much effort. I figured I'd let the leaves dry up for another week, put the rubbish in another black bag, thus disguising the rubbish. In the meantime, I also put out a request to the Universe to remove the rubbish. This morning I noticed a card from the local council notifying local residents that all rubbish the dust men don't usually collect will be collected on Sunday. Yippee! What blesses me blesses everyone in the neighbourhood.

No matter what exciting chores need doing, I NEVER forget there is only One.