Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Advertisers work on the principle of "birds of a feather flock together."

Let's take the advert for anti-aging cream. The model with flawless skin tells us the product removes wrinkles or it stops signs of aging.

Aren't advertisers clever? They get you to think about wrinkles. The more you focus on wrinkles the more you attract them so you can buy their products to remove wrinkles. How are you ever going to look like the model when you thoughts are about wrinkles?

Another strategy advertisers use is that the product will help you have beautiful and healthy skin. The premise is dual: that you do not have beautiful and healthy skin; you need help having beautiful and healthy skin. Your thoughts about not having perfect skin makes you see yourself like the ugly duckling. You'd better get those beauty products if you are ever going to have beautiful and healthy skin.

Well, my dear friends, here's my advertising.

Everyone reading this blog is love, beauty, perfection, wisdom and all good.

All my love,

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