Monday, November 28, 2005

The Art of Letting Go

"Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend." Bruce Lee
I'm sure most people have heard the cliché: Let Go and Let God. Yawn! Well, I'm bored so I'm going to give another slant on things.

The Emptiness/Void is the only real. Some call the Emptiness, that which is without concepts and beliefs, the Clear Light or God. No one has monopoly of the Light. Everything is the Light and that includes you, me, all forms. The Light is formless and, as Bruce Lee states, can be anything. It is the realm where all things are possible.

Every moment, my senses are bombarded with pictures, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. I then have a choice whether I wish to enjoy the moment by extending it to a longer moment or releasing that moment back into the Emptiness.

What do I mean by moment? A moment is one's intent to have an experience. The intent and subsequent experience arise as one. In other words, the intent of a thing is the thing itself. Some moments last for a moment, some a lot longer and others for an eternity. Within the longer moment are sub-moments. Bear with me, I'm not speaking gibberish!

One such example of a longer moment is the human experience which lasts as long as one is holding on to the belief that one is human. If you "die" and still very much human in outlook, you will continue to experience yourself as human in another reality for as long as possible.

Within the longer moment of humanity are sub-moments. Let’s say you meet someone you like. That moment starts when you first make eye contact. If you both like each other and want to pursue the relationship, the moment is extended to you dating for however long you date. If you wish to take it further by getting married, the moment is further extended. What if you decide to raise kids, that moment is extended. You have now committed to being parents as long as you are playing at being human.

Within this longer moment of marriage and parenthood are sub-moments. In these moments you have to learn to let go of moments whether they are happy or unhappy. So what if you have the odd barney now and again? When it's over, let it go and return to the Emptiness. I know people who hold grudges and keep reminding the other of something he has forgotten. While one person is in bliss, the other is still feeling angry or bitter. And we all know what happens when you're always angry, don't we? On the other hand, if you are holding on to happy moments you might not want to open yourself up to other new moments. Then again, who is to say one shouldn't hold on to happy moments? Whatever works.

"It is a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol if you take it from another person's plate." Dave Barry
There is the belief that people who are skinny have a high metabolism and they can eat as much as they can without putting on weight. I don't have that belief but I don't put on weight either. I treat each meal as a separate event. When I'm having my dinner I am experiencing a longer moment and sub-moments. In the longer moment, the moment lasts as long as the meal. In sub-moments, I am treating the food as empty, meaning while I might be enjoying the food, I don't see the food as being good or bad; or as having minerals, calories, additives or whatever. The food simply is. I relish each mouthful then I let it go. When the plate is empty and I don't feel like I want anymore, I let go of the whole experience. If I fancy eating five minutes later, I don't consider the food as adding to what I've eaten before; there is nothing to add to.

On the other hand, let us consider someone who puts on weight. She might believe she has a slow metabolism; or that food contains additives which make her gain weight. Well, if you see eating as adding to yourself, is it any wonder you're fat? I'm surprised you're not bigger than you are. Science says that the body accepts what it needs and what it doesn't need comes out as waste products. After a few hours, you are hungry again and you need to add more to yourself, and so the cycle goes on.

This is not to say I don't go to the toilet. To a certain extent, I must still have the belief that the body has to release what it doesn't need, otherwise I wouldn't still need to go; and every moment lasts as long as the pee or number two. :-D. But I know that every time I eat something, it has no connection to a previous experience. Every moment is new. This is why I can continue to enjoy chocolate because it is always a new experience.

Every day is a long moment which has sub-moments. Just because today is 28 November doesn't mean it is more than 27 November. Each day is discrete; a day only has a connection to the other day if you think it does. If you believe every year you add more to your years, which makes you older, then you will look old. If you believe that every experience adds more to your life, then you will feel heavy as if you're carrying the world's weight on your shoulders. As time goes by, you will get slower and slower and then your body says "I've had enough!" and packs up. I'm aware that there are some who "die" at a younger age. There is obviously a belief in cause/effect there somewhere whether it is manifested as disease, accidents or death.

Like I said, I have hundreds of experiences every day that arise out of Emptiness and dissolve into Emptiness. Only when I choose to extend the moment of an experience does it stand out and is experienced as a form, which I record for posterity on this website. Here's one such moment.

Yesterday on a bus ride I noticed an advert on an inter-city coach for fares costing £1. Wow! That's cheaper than bus rides in London, which cost £1.20 per ride. If you need more than one bus then you have to pay the same fare every time you hop on a bus; or get a season ticket which is a better deal. I made a mental note to check out the coach company's website for further details.

A few minutes after I had the thought, our bus driver told us he was terminating at the next stop and asked us to get on the bus behind, which we did. I found an empty seat upstairs. Behind me, a man and a woman were discussing life in general. The man talked about where he was spending Christmas. He said he's booked a return ticket to Bath and it only cost him £2. My ears pricked. Wow, that's cheap! Bath is approximately 125 miles from where I live. I'll check that coach company as well.

As you can see, the coach fares moment has lasted for as long as this post remains on this website.

Where does memory fit into this?

A few weeks ago a friend emailed me in response to my email, which was a response to his email. I couldn't remember writing the email. I read the words and the words sounded like they could have come from anyone. How can this be? Then I realised my friend has two email addresses. We usually communicate with his other address. He had sent me the original email from his other address that I instantly responded to. He said the email had gone astray and he received it weeks later. By that time I couldn't remember receiving the email let alone. But there was a part of me that remembered, the Keeper of all information.

There is a collective Memory Body that holds all of human experiences, rather like the Internet. The way I see it, why clutter myself with memory when I can let it go and only call upon the memory when I need to. These writings are a kind of memory bank. Once I've written them, I let them go. From time to time, I recall an article that relates to what I'm currently working on which I add as a link. I tend not to read articles I've written unless someone has sent me a comment and I need to re-read what I had written for clarity sake.

About once a month I delete all emails in my sent-box. I also do a general house-keeping of emails I've received. I only keep useful attachments, photos friends have sent me or jokes. I also keep copies of my writings. Apart from that I tend not to hold on to stuff. I prefer staying in the Emptiness.

The art of letting go is the ability to be the Emptiness while choosing to enjoy moments of creation. If the moment is one I want to experience for a longer moment, I put out the intent. The intent of having an experience is the very thing itself which either manifests instantly or takes "time." I then trust in the intent, which is the power of the Emptiness to take on the form of the intent. I let go of the moment and rest in the Emptiness.

Did you know I am living simultaneous lives? I am a daughter, a sister, a writer, a friend, playing at being a human, but I am also the Infinite Light.

We are all the Infinite Light.

Right then, this is one moment that is going to last forever. Time to be the Emptiness.

With love,