Sunday, November 13, 2005

Being in the Present

When I am in the present I am in stillness. In stillness there are no gaps. Gaps arise where there are thoughts. No thoughts, no gaps.

In stillness there is no sense of here or there, no up or down. There is simply presence, being, isness.

When I'm in the present events occur in sequence without gaps, without thought.

The moment I start to think, there are gaps. And where there are gaps there is a sense of things taking time and space in between.

And then I return to the silence and things unfold in order. You know when to speak. You know when not to speak. You know when you should leave somewhere. You know what road to take. If you happen to glance at something or someone, you know why you are looking at that person or thing. You meet the right people. You follow your nose.

When I am in the present I am being in stillness.

In stillness, I am Presence.