Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Core Beliefs

At NationStates you can create your own nation and your own laws. Each nation has a world ranking according to the United Nation's report. You could move to a local region where you could form alliances with other nations. All local regions have their own ranking system.

I posted a message yesterday expressing my disgust at how two nations in the local region are always hogging the top positions. How come my nations weren't doing so well? One nation leader responded that it was all to do with how consistent I am in the laws I enact. He said it had something to do with a man and woman's brain chemistry. He compared women's brains to a Morris Minor which looks good on the outside but not much going on inside. (I wish I'd kept the message as it was hilarious). Joking aside, the leader had a point. In order for my nations to succeed I have to be consistent with the laws I enact. I don't mind being erratic as it's only a game.

However, when it comes to my life I have unwavering core beliefs that I apply in everything I do. I believe only the One exists. This One is not a personality, it is a formless presence that is all Good. I believe the solution to every problem is realising that this One is in all and trust the One to manifest the perfect solution.

The One is my only point of reference.

Only One Exists.