Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Game of Life

We all seem to be having two types of life experiences: becoming or being.

When life is about becoming, you attract experiences that enable you to learn various lessons in order that you can evolve and grow spiritually and bring in more light. You are going through a spiritual transformation.

When life is about being, you realise there is no need to learn lessons. You are simply here to demonstrate you are Love, and all is Love.

What if I have deliberately put myself in challenging situations, as defined in human terms, to prove that all is the One Love? Before I explain what I mean, let me digress for a moment.

A while back I watched a game show called Time Commanders in which "contestants play against a computer simulation of various battles in ancient history. The object of the game is to lead their army to victory." For instance, you could defeat Napoleon at Waterloo and change the course of history or perpetuate history. I can't now recall which battle simulation I watched, nor do I remember the outcome, but I found the concept fascinating.

Let's apply the game show's concept to life. The I AM in the Timeless Now wishes to experience all that SHE is. The I AM is contemplating life as a human. There is no past or future life, but a continuum of life that is being played out in the Now. All events have already happened, therefore, I AM already knows how things are going to pan out when life is lived from the human perspective. I AM chooses a moment in "history" and instruments that SHE can use to demonstrate that all is Love. I AM then enters the simulation through the human instruments.

For a while the human instruments are distracted by the dominant belief that life is about learning lessons, and that obstacles make you a better person. I AM is always reminding the instruments of HER purpose which is Love. No matter what appearances would suggest, there is only Love; all is One. This way, like the Time Commanders game show, I AM is re-writing history.

Life is a simulation that has already happened. I am simply using the simulation to be the Love that I am.

With love,

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