Saturday, November 19, 2005

Giving and Receiving

The One is Life, the Source of Love; and the One is experiencing life as the many.

As the Source, the One is always giving of self. Unconditional love is how the One gives without expectations. When we are loving unconditionally, we are giving without expectations.

When the One is experiencing life as the many, He is receiving. As the receiver, I am playing the game of having an individual consciousness which I call Enocia. As the receiver, I am open for the One Infinite Love to express through this consciousness.

On one level, I see giving and receiving as interdependent. The One works through the consciousness and whatever the consciousness has received is given out, which makes the receiver the giver.


Level 1 - One = Giver

Level 2 - One = Giver ---> Receiver ---> Giver --->

It is the same One who is playing both games of giving and receiving. When I share what I have received I am experiencing life from the Level 2 position. These writings, for instance, is one example where I am playing the game of receiving and giving; I am receiving experiences which I am giving away on the Internet.

On the other hand, the One doesn't need to step down to Level 2 to give of Self. In other words, the One doesn't need to express through forms in order to give of Self. If there were no longer any humans, the One will still be giving of Self because that is His nature. The One Light is continuously sending out infinite rays of love.

Sometimes I imagine myself as the sun, the one Soul, beaming out my rays of love. My love is not directed at anyone in particular, it is just going out to infinity. When I go round with a smile on my face, not smiling at anyone but just feeling blissfully happy, I am being the One as Giver.

These writings on this blog are written from two perspectives: that of Giving and that of Receiving.

Whether I am playing the game of giving and receiving, or the game of giving, I am Love.

Only One exists.

With Love,