Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's That Time Again!

Every year on November the 5th, British people celebrate Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night to commemorate the day when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were captured, which prevented them from blowing up the Houses of Parliament.

The celebration involves burning of effigies and lots of firework displays which can be a lot of fun. It does get annoying when people continue to set off bangers weeks before and after the event.

At another forum yesterday, someone said, in jest, that going to war was not a bad thing; mankind wouldn't have developed, or continue to develop, those wonderful weapons of mass destruction if there were no wars. My friend makes a good point of course. Wars arise out of the need for control. Underlying the need for control is the belief that the other is one's enemy. How do you get rid of your enemy? Destroy them? How? Create weapons of destruction.

To keep the delusion going you have to come up with a good rationale. Some people argue that in order to have peace you must go to war. Let's try and make sense of this. The One in all that is Life inspires people to create weapons of mass destruction so they can destroy one another to achieve peace? How can anyone deprive another of life when life is eternal? The idea is preposterous.

Another rationale is you are fighting a "holy war" on God's behalf. Naturally, God is on the side of the good and the evil ones have to be annihilated. The Old Testament in the Bible is full of stories of the Chosen Ones doing battle against sinners. We also see this battle of good over evil being perpetuated in modern times.

How can a God that is everywhere present support people to fight a war? I would imagine God stays well clear of human delusions. On the other hand, God is right there with us in our delusions.

Humanity continues to fight battles, commemorate war heroes and events, and denigrate villains. Someone obviously benefits from these commemorations. Think about the billions of Pounds blown up every year to celebrate Bonfire Night. Who gets the profits? The government for one. Is it any wonder Guy Fawkes wanted to blow the Houses of Parliament to Kingdom Come?

If you can't destroy them join them, right? I wonder if there is a local bonfire event I could attend?

Happy Guy Fawkes!