Sunday, November 13, 2005

Life's Purpose

I've always known we are meant to live effortlessly. We are not meant to strive for stuff or try to make things happen. I know this, not because of what mystics have taught, but because it is the truth of Reality. In order for this reality to be made manifest there have to be willing instruments who are willing to stay focused on this reality, which is for the greater good.

Yeah, yeah, the sceptics will say, that only happens in science fiction and fantasy novels. Who do you think you are, Mary Poppins? I soon learned very few people were open to my way of thinking let alone prepared to support me. They were fast asleep. What do I do? Do I give up on the idea? Do I get myself a proper job, get married, raise a family and hope for the best? Do I dream of a time in the future when society will be ready to accept this idea so we can unfold this idea together? Or do I stay focused on Reality?

First things first, I had to wake up from the human dream of pain and pleasure. I had to stay focused on the truth of Oneness. There is only One in infinite manifestations. We are One. The One is Spirit. We have created the universe for us to experience life as Spirit. This means there is no material universe, it is pure Spirit. No matter what human condition we find ourself in, we are all here to express Life's purpose. What is Life’s purpose?

It is to demonstrate that:
There is only One;
Life is Spirit;
Love is all there is.

For the first part of this life up to when I was about aged four, I was very aware of who I was. My mother tells me my mantra was "I am a clever girl." Then I fell asleep. During the "great sleep," I entered the collective human dream which is about finding a useful role in society, working hard, getting married, having kids, growing old, retirement, death etc. Though I was asleep there were times when I would suddenly wake up from the dream. I would remember who I am and for a short while become a lucid dreamer. I would then go right back to sleep.

Let’s take a few examples of some of my human nightmares.

From the time I was aged 8 to about 13, I experienced sexual abuse from relatives I was living with at the time. However, I made it very clear that I wasn't prepared to have penetrative sex. Weird, isn't it, that I was forced to go through the simulation but penetration was a no-go area? While the simulation went on for years I never lost my virginity. This shows that at some point I was lucid dreaming.

The experience of sexual abuse, as defined by society, gave me a complex because that was how society said I should react, at least that's how the dream goes. I was very angry and saw myself as a victim, then a survivor. After going through a few one-to-one and group therapies I was bored of the whole thing. I realised I was neither a victim nor a survivor. The moment I came to that realisation I was free of the experience. In other words, I woke up out of that dream. I was awake to the truth that I am not the experience; I am the "I."

When I was aged 10, I was involved in a car accident. This was the first time I realised I was dreaming. This experience opened my eyes to oneness. See Accident or Omnipresence at Work?.

One of the experiences people fear the most is poverty. In a reality where goods have to be exchanged for the Sterling, or whatever currency you use, when you haven't got much money the world can seem very scary. What if you're inspired to give up your job, not claim any benefits, but trust in God? People might think you've gone barmy. How do you expect to survive without money? Everyone needs money! There was a point when I did just that. My needs were always taken care of but I didn't have much money to spare.

How do you cope when you don't have much money? You can't, of course, afford to buy luxury food. You can't afford to be choosy. Eating out is out of the question. You start buying cheaper products. Here comes the test. We've been lead to believe that the more you pay for something the better the quality. Therefore, cheaper food is bound to be lacking in nutritional value. If you buy cheap water, for instance, you're not getting quality stuff; it might even be contaminated. Before you know it, you're feeling weak, you even look sick; all because you believe you're eating poor quality food. On the other hand, you could put on weight because you believe you're eating food of high sugar contents, also known as junk food.

In my case, I used to love bottle water. I started buying cheaper brands, then I stopped buying water and drank water from the tap. It even got to the stage when I would drink water from public toilets if I felt the need. What happened to the woman who was into her nutrients and was very particular about the foods she ate? She woke up from the dream that food is one's source of life. That woman realised that Love is all there is. That woman realised that because Love pervades all, it doesn't matter what you eat or drink, or if you eat or drink, you are being sustained. Yup, that dream was very short-lived.

Another dream I quickly woke out of was that expensive beauty products make you look young. I realised that as Love is who I am, I can use any product or not use them.

What about if you fall ill? In the UK as we have National Health Service which is free. I had already stopped going to doctors because I had trained in various forms of healing, such as energy healing, NLP and spiritual healing. There came a point when I woke up out of that dream. I realised that I didn't have to do anything, I simply had to realise I am already perfect. This was one difficult dream and one that I have to be very vigilant of because for some reason I can fall back to sleep and start dreaming I am a body and start experiencing pain.

Human dreams are not just about pain and suffering, there are many people having pleasant dreams. Pleasant dreams are more insidious. You could be dreaming a wonderful life with a nice family, friends, lots of money that takes care of all your desires. If you still believe in the reality of sickness and disease or that foods can harm you, you're still dreaming. You might be having a nice dream, but you are still not in touch with Reality.

Like many people, I was asleep for a long time dreaming myself as a human. Then I realised I was dreaming. I thought I could wake up by trying to study truth or by self-effort. I soon discovered it was a waste of time. What do you do when you realise you are dreaming? Wake up. It’s that simple. I woke up by simply realising who I am. Sometimes I wake up from a dream, realise who I am and fall right back to sleep. Self is always there to remind me to wake up, thank God.

Human suffering and pleasures are dreams; they serve no real purpose. The only purpose is to live life as Self, by being aware that all is Spirit; all is One and Love is all there is.

This blog is my way of demonstrating Life’s purpose.

With love,