Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Light versus Darkness Baloney

On my journey yesterday I noticed a billboard for the Star Wars Episode 3 DVD, when Anakin Skywalker succumbs to his dark side.

I thought about the beliefs about the battle between good and evil. These beliefs imply that the One or Force, as the Jedis would say, is divided into light and darkness. Thus, humans have two sides which are good versus evil. There is a constant battle between the two forces. In Anakin Skywalker's case, he was completely taken over by his dark side.

What is the truth? Can the One be both light and darkness?

When a room is in darkness and you put the light on, the light creates shadows which gives one a false impression that there is light and darkness in the same space, but this is not true. Real Light casts no shadows. What is this real Light? Light, that which is our nature, is truth, love and power.

Truth is not error and truth, it is Truth.

You can't feel love and fear at the same time; where there is love there is no fear.

Light is not polarised; Light is simply Light. The notion of a force that can separate itself into light and darkness is false. The battle of good versus evil (or light versus darkness) belongs to science fiction, which is good entertainment, but has no place in Reality.

While my mother and I were watching television last night there was a power cut. The whole street was in darkness. How interesting! Though we appear to be sitting in darkness, I thought, there is only Light. The light came back on.

There is no darkness in Light.
There is only Light.