Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Love is Meeting All Needs Perfectly

"Divine Love always has met, and always will meet, every human need." Mary Baker Eddy
My mother was due back from her holidays this morning. I received a telephone call from her brother in Freetown, whom she went to visit, asking if she'd arrived. He said he was anxious to hear from her. I said she'll call as soon as she arrives.

This got me thinking about how some people express love. People are concerned, scared or anxious for others. Anxiety distracts one from the truth that there is only the One Love in all. When you are anxious (or others are anxious on your behalf) you feel as if you are all alone. I know people mean well but instead of being anxious, why not trust that Divine Love is meeting all our needs perfectly? At least that's how I think.

As my mother still hadn't arrived I checked the flight arrival. Her plane had been slightly delayed but not that much. I decided to go to the nearest tube (underground) station and meet her there. I figured we could get a taxi from there.

While I was waiting I thought how easy it would be from Heathrow airport. A woman arrived with her luggage and I heard her asking the clerk what the easiest and quickest route to Heathrow was. I said to her that there I was waiting for someone to arrive from Gatwick and she's on her way to Heathrow. She was accompanying her boyfriend to Heathrow airport, who was off to China; she was on her way to Paris by Eurostar. While she waited for her boyfriend to park the car, she described her last visit to China a few weeks back. She said it was strange being in an environment where few people spoke English. She said in one city they went to they were followed everywhere because the locals had never seen people like her and her boyfriend (they're originally from Morocco). I could relate to her experience. I shared my experience as a black woman in Bangkok and how I was constantly stared at. My friend said they were told to be always wary of people in front of or behind them. She said she couldn't wait to leave China.

As my friend described her experience of China I thought about how scary the world must be if you don't believe in a Loving force looking after you. Her boyfriend soon arrived and I wished her bon voyage.

By now I was having repeated thoughts that my mother was not coming by tube but had got a taxi from central London. I had the distinct impression she was already at home. I returned home and there she was, she had travelled by minicab.

I asked my mother how her holidays went. She said though she found it hot she had a good time. Her brother believes she took good luck with her because they had more electricity than usual. Usually it's one week on and one week off; while my mother was there it was one day on and one day off. Mum said on her way back from the airport this morning she was struggling with her suitcase. A man offered to help her carry the suitcase on to the train. When they arrived at Victoria station, the same man helped her get the suitcase off the train. There was a porter close by with a trolley who helped my mother with her suitcase. The porter asked her how she was getting home. Mum intended to get a licensed black taxi but the porter advised her to get a minicab which was a lot cheaper. He took her to the minicab office, negotiated a fare, and helped her get in the minicab. The minicab driver carried her suitcase all the way to her front door.

I was so happy to hear how the One Love took care of all of my mother's needs.

Another wonderful thing about Divine Love is that She meets all needs perfectly whether you are anxious or not. Here's one example.

Years ago I went to visit a friend who was living in Bangkok at the time. She was supposed to meet me at the airport but she was late. I had a moment of panic. What if my friend didn't turn up? How would I cope in this environment when I don't speak a word of Thai? I decided to give her a call from a phone box, but I didn't have any change. A Thai man appeared and handed me his mobile phone. He motioned to me to call my friend. I did but my friend wasn't home. I thanked the man for letting me use his mobile phone. While I waited I felt a force pulling me in the opposite direction. I finally saw my friend waiting on that side.

The One is always looking after everyone's needs.

Don't worry, be happy.