Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Debunking - Energy

All the world's a stage. Ooops, Freudian slip.

I meant to write, everything is Energy; Energy is everywhere present.

Energy is Energy is Energy. This means

There is no positive or negative energy, just energy.
There is no good or bad energy, just energy.
There is no congested or depleted energy, just energy.
Energy does not flow, energy is everywhere present.

Have you ever been on a train where it's so packed you could hardly move? I have, lots of times, when I used to commute on the tube (underground train). Sometimes, it felt like we were like sardines in a can. There was nowhere to run. You were just stuck in your own little space praying for everyone to get off at the next stop.

Well, "sardines in a can" is a good analogy for describing Energy. As Energy occupies all space there is nowhere for it to flow to. Why would Energy flow from here to there when it is already here and there. Thus, the notion of channelling energy from A to B is false. It's a misperception; our senses deceiving us.

We already know that when light is refracted it appears in various colours as we collectively define the rainbow, yet it is only the one light. Last night when I was in the west end, I noticed these Christmas lights that were blue and, out of the blue (no pun intended), emerged red stars. They were really pretty. The blue lights kept blinking in and out creating more stars.

Similarly, infinite forms are refracted Energy. It is the same Energy that is appearing as human forms yet it is unchanging Energy. While forms appear to change, they are intrinsically Energy which is unchanging.

From time to time I seem to experience various sensations in my body which my senses define as pain or pleasure, hot or cold etc. If I were to see an energy healer, she might interpret the sensations as movement of energy, and congestion or depletion of energy. I don't accept that. Energy doesn't move. Energy occupies all space, whether the space appears to contain a body or whether the space appears to be empty. My body is a sardine in a can and there's nowhere to move to. Therefore, the "movement" or sensations are the senses giving a false reading of the unchanging. So what do I do when I have these sensations? I don’t take them seriously. I know that I am Energy that doesn't move or change.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a blocked nose and I was coughing. Aha, false readings! I dismissed the readings and focused on my identity as Energy. I felt myself as Energy. In that state there was no room for false readings, there was only Energy, there is stillness. In the scriptures, it is written:

"Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46: 10)
God who is Energy and occupies all space is still. There is nothing but God.

By this morning the cough and blocked nose had gone.

Energy does not move or flow. Energy is.

Next time on "More Debunking", I examine whether the world is a stage. I also examine whether Freud does slip or has ever worn a slip.

Cheerio chums.