Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No Agendas

Yesterday I met my friend's kids. I had met one son before when he was a baby; he is now twelve. He was busy playing computer games, then watching television. The other three kids - twin boys aged three and a girl aged five - were more open to play.

The boys were all over me. They dragged me upstairs to their bedroom so I could watch Power Rangers on television with them. They even wanted me to climb up the bunk bed, but I declined. The boys also have a thing about lip gloss. They kissed me on the lips and pressed their lips together to get the lipstick on. They are so adorable.

In the meantime, their sister also wanted me to play with her. I was happy to oblige. She pretended she was running a toy shop and I was a customer. Each toy cost a penny.

This is what I love about kids: no agendas. They are simply enjoying being joyful.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every time you meet a stranger you simply expressed the Joy that you are without any agendas?

I am Joy,

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