Saturday, November 26, 2005

No Leg to Stand On

While you are out you find everyone staring at you. Some people are even pointing in your direction and having a good laugh. What's going on? Is it what you've got on? A boy comes up to you.

"How come you're moving without legs?" he says.
"Of course I've got legs."
"No you don't," the boy says. "There's just the top half of your body and the rest of you is missing."
"I assure you," you insist, "I do have legs. Can you see me lifting my left leg?"
"No, there's just empty space."
"Can you feel me kicking your shin with my right leg?"
"Can't you feel anything?"
"No. I'm off! You are nuts!"

You're puzzled and ask a woman close by to tell you what she sees but she runs away from you. You ask a passer-by what he sees.

"I see you're moving with no legs," he says.

You finally realise that everyone is seeing you without legs. But in your reality, you can see and feel your legs. Which is real? Your perception or other people's perception of you? If you accept other people's perceptions, you are legless and you shouldn't be walking, in the human sense. If you accept your reality, you are perfectly fine and it's the rest of the world that's gone mad.

In the realm of the cause, there is always a physical, emotional or mental cause for everything. You have a cold and there has to be a cause. It could be due to the weather, your emotions, or your thoughts which made you susceptible to catching a cold.

Within the realm of the causeless, there is no cause. This means the moment that finds you with a runny nose has no relevance to the last moment or any other moments for that matter. You can now choose whether you want to continue sniffing or to release it.

You can't have it both ways, however. You can't live life from the cause and causeless at the same time. You have to choose.

The realm of the cause is the dominant reality. Follow any religion or spiritual discipline and they are all based on the notion that one has to understand truth in order to have a demonstration. Every cause has an effect. Practise makes perfect. Even if you want divine intervention, you have to invite God through prayer and expect the equivalent result. The causeless realm is like someone moving about with a body and no legs. It makes no sense to the realm of the cause, therefore, it doesn't exist.

As you stand in front of the mirror, you can finally see what others are seeing, that you don't have legs. How do you cope with this realisation?

Who needs legs to walk, anyway? You are causeless.


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