Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Of Beliefs and Chasing Tails

You're walking in the park when you spot a dog chasing his tail. Why is he doing that, you wonder. As you have the power to communicate with animals, you decide to ask the dog.

"Hey dog, come over here!"

The dog trots over.

"Why are you chasing your tail?"
"Woof, woof!"
"Sorry, I meant to give you the power of speech. There you go."
"Woof! Oh wow, I can speak! This is great! Ahem! Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do."
"Yes you can talk and sing, but don't get carried away," you say. "Now answer my question. Why are you chasing your tail?"
"Because it's fun, because you're trying to bite your tail? What? There must be a reason!" you say.
"Does there have to be a reason for chasing my tail?"
"I suppose not."
"Well then." The dog leap at you and reaches over to lick your face. "Speaking is fun, isn't it?"
"I guess," you sigh. "As you were!"
"What does that mean?"
"It means you can return to what you were doing. But before you go, I'm taking back the power of speech as you don't seem to have the intelligence for it to be of any use."
"Woof, woof!"

It's no use sniggering, human; you are no more intelligent. In your own way you are chasing tails. Your life is about chasing tails; practising meaningless rituals.

How so?

The other day on my travels, we drove by a Poppy factory.

Poppy: A symbol of death. Red poppies are a symbol of Remembrance Day (11 November), which commemorates the dead of the First and Second World Wars. Symbols dictionary
In the UK, from early November to 11 November or a few days after, people wear red poppies on their lapels.

As we drove by the factory I looked through the window and could see people in an office on their computers. Imagine, a whole business set up just to commemorate the war!

If you have ever watched or participated in a Remembrance Day Service it is the same old, same old. I mean that literally; old people who had been in the war, a few from the First. The service is supposed to help us remember the wars so it doesn't happen again. Oh yeah? How come there are still wars going on in the world, as I write this? What happens when the survivors of these wars, and their offsprings, have all popped their clogs? Are they still going to be commemorating those wars? Some way to achieve peace - remember wars.

My point is the poppy business is built on sand, nothing. People are earning their living based on remembering wars. They are chasing tails.

I once watched a documentary about this woman who has made it her life's purpose to expose drug manufacturers who are sending counterfeit drugs to developing countries in Africa. I also heard that an attempt was made recently to assassinate her but she survived. What difference does it make anyway? Drugs are only as powerful as your faith in them. Life is about beliefs. Even if you don't have a belief in something you still have a belief that you don't believe in that thing. To need drugs you have to believe in sickness and that you are ill anyway and that the drugs, or whatever therapy, can make you well. The drug contents will not change the truth that drugs are intrinsically nothing. Even if drugs are just made up of sugar or are "fake", they are still nothing. A nothing is only a something if you believe in it.

Reminds me of a story I read in Al Koran's book "Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind" which I've written about in another article:

"Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind.” A woman is dreading doing the household chores. She remembers she has an energy pill in her pocket that someone had given her. She swallows the pill and immediately has tons of energy. She does the work effortlessly. Later, she discovers the actual energy pill in her other pocket. She had taken her child’s sweet, believing it to be the energy pill." Self Belief
As you can see, the pill was only as good as the woman's belief.

Right now there are so many different types of therapies around to cure humanity of all ills. This simply means that humanity holds different beliefs such as pills, complementary medicine, therapies, energy healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, channelling, prayer or even a God. There are some healings modalities that claim you don't have to believe in them for them to work. That's poppycock (no pun intended)! Of course you believe in something; you just believe that you don't have to believe in the healing for it to work.

Some healers claim to be working with ascended masters, from Jesus to St Germain to Angels. Others claim to be channelling information from Jesus to ETs. Whatever! It's up to individuals whatever they want to believe.

Even if you are someone who believes in nothing, you still have a belief.

Whether you believe in pills, a healer or teaching, you are believing in a nothing passing off as a something. It is only your belief that makes it something otherwise it will be a nothing. Consider the following:

"And when he [Jesus] was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works? Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas? And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things? And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief." (Matthew 13: 54-58)
As you can see, Jesus in the scriptures was only as powerful as people's beliefs in him. Before he performed most of his healings, he would ask whether the one wanting to be healed believed. He couldn't do "mighty works" in his own country because they didn't believe in him.

Someone who believes he is sick and someone who believes nothing is wrong with him have something in common: belief. If you can believe you are sick, you can easily reverse it and believe you are well i.e. nothing is wrong with you. Belief is belief whether you use it for fear or love.

So what we define as life all stems from nothing. Only one's belief makes a nothing into a something. In the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, the author, Yogananda, interviews Kashi Moni, the life-companion of Lahiri Mahasaya. She said that for years she didn't realise her husband was God-realised until she finally "woke up" and was initiated into Kriya Yoga. Kashi describes one experience:

"I will confess a sin which I committed against my guru-husband. Some months after my initiation, I began to feel forlorn and neglected. One morning Lahiri Mahasaya entered this little room to fetch an article; I quickly followed him. Overcome by violent delusion, I addressed him scathingly.

"'You spend all your time with the disciples. What about your responsibilities for your wife and children? I regret that you do not interest yourself in providing more money for the family.'

"The master glanced at me for a moment, then lo! he was gone. Awed and frightened, I heard a voice resounding from every part of the room:

"'It is all nothing, don't you see? How could a nothing like me produce riches for you?'

"'Guruji,' I cried, 'I implore pardon a million times! My sinful eyes can see you no more; please appear in your sacred form.'

"'I am here.' This reply came from above me. I looked up and saw the master materialize in the air, his head touching the ceiling. His eyes were like blinding flames. Beside myself with fear, I lay sobbing at his feet after he had quietly descended to the floor. An Interview with the Sacred Mother
Let me just make it very clear that I do believe in God and I also know God is a nothing. By this I mean, He is empty of beliefs and concepts. He is a nothing, but you can make the nothing into a something. If you believe God is Love, He is. If you believe God is Spirit, He is. If you believe God is Light, He is. Speaking of which, it's time I asked the God I believe in to put some light into the matter (pun definitely intended).

"Hey God!"
"Yes, my child."
"None of this 'yes, my child' baloney. I'm going to ask you some tough questions and I expect you to be serious about this."
"OK, fire away."
"Tell me, did you or did you not create the universe?"
"Yes I did and still am."
"OK. How did you create it?"
"Well, er, hum, it's a bit complicated for you to understand."
"Try me."
"It just happened."
"That's ridiculous! The universe didn't just happen, it must have come from somewhere."
"I assure you, it just happened."
"I can't accept that! Isn't it true that the universe is composed of light?"
"If that's what you believe, I can't possibly comment."
"Isn't it true that the universe is a thought you're holding in your mind?"
"If that's what you believe, I can't possibly comment."
"Isn't it also true that you are appearing as the many forms?"
"If that's what you believe..."
"Yeah, yeah, you can't possibly comment. I get the picture. Surely, you must know something?"
"I've told you what is but you are not willing to accept it."
"OK, let's say I accept your version of events, that the universe 'just happened,' how did the idea come about?"
"The idea?"
"You know, the idea of the universe."
"It just happened."
"Are you saying it popped out of nothing?"
"What about you, what is your origin? Who created you?"
"Er, well, I don't have an origin as such. I simply am."
"This is annoying, very annoying. You come from nothing, you have an idea that comes out of nothing and out of that nothing the universe appeared. And you expect me to believe that?"
"I don't expect you to believe anything. You are free to believe in whatever you like."
"I see."
"Any more questions?"
"Actually I have one, but it's more of a favour really."
"Ask away."
"Will you please transform me into a dog?"
"Do you mind if I ask why?"
"So I can chase my own tail. Why else?"

I believe in Nothing.
I am Nothing.