Friday, November 11, 2005

Of Friendship and Events Beyond One's Control

I have a friend I met in the "real" world a while ago. We've kept in touch via email and chat on a forum. As he said he was working in London this week, I asked whether he wanted to meet up. He couldn't make a commitment as he said he had other friends he wanted to see. I also sensed resistance so I let it go. I told him that the good news is there are no missed opportunities. There will be other opportunities for us to meet up if it is for our good.

Yesterday in another forum I chatted to a friend about friendships. I wrote:

"Everyone is my friend. Some friends I meet up for a few hours and not see them again in this form; some I meet over the Internet and may never meet in person; others are people I never chat to but are travel companions; some I meet at shops, supermarkets, the library and other business arenas; while some friends I spend time with. When I feel like meeting up with traditional friends, I think about them and the Universe arranges it and we end up meeting up just like that."
Later I went into town. I had it in mind to go to a particular bookshop but I went to another one instead. I got some books to browse and had a juice at the coffee bar. As there were no comfy chairs, the ones I prefer, available in the coffee section, I went upstairs where I knew there were always seats available. All the seats were taken. How odd! I thought of another section where there would be seats available. There were chairs arranged for a talk that evening. I asked the shop assistant if it was a poetry evening. He said it was a discussion forum about a new book called "Philosophy of Friendship" by Mark Vernon. Another woman appeared. I told her I wrote about friendship earlier. She asked me what my views about friendship were. I told her I see everyone as my friend. She said it was a good way to view friendships because people feel comfortable opening up to friends than strangers. It turned out she was the forum organiser. She gave me the link to the Forum for European Philosophy. I said I might return to listen to the talk later.

When I'd finished speaking to the lady, I went to look for a vacant seat. There was now several available. Very good strategy, Universe. You had all those seats occupied so I could notice the talk on friendship, didn't you?

When the talk started, I didn't feel like going; I was too engrossed in the book I was reading. At some point during the evening I had this strong desire to be hugged. I saw the hug as Light and the Light was beside me. I also had a thought about the friend I mentioned earlier then I dismissed the thought.

Half an hour or so later, who should I see looking around the bookshop? My friend. He said he doesn't usually come upstairs. I got my hug from him. I told him my theme for the day was "Friendship". I described my day and how I'd imagined myself being hugged. He said he met a friend earlier but his friend needed to leave at 8 o'clock, which gave him the time to come to this bookshop. I knew our meeting had been orchestrated by the One Love in all. It was good to see him.

From last night's experience I observed the following.

There is no lack in the One Self. When there appears to be a lack, it is part of the plan. Remember all the seats were occupied. If there was a vacant seat I wouldn't have noticed the talk on the Philosophy of Friendship.

The One will always arrange opportunities for us to enjoy infinite Good, which includes friendship. This is why I went to a completely different bookshop from the one I'd planned. I'm sure the One arranged for my friend's meeting to finish early so he could come to the bookshop I was at. No doubt, the One lead my friend upstairs where I was sitting.

Life is meant to be effortless. The One in all - the Good in all - wants us to experience all good and arranges the opportunities. All we have to do is let it happen. Of course you can resist by believing you are not worthy of your good, your good needs to be earned, or you are in control. Resistance will only delay your good at that moment. Your good is never lost. There are always other moments, other opportunities, to experience your good.

When I surrender to the One, I am open to infinite good; and life unfolds effortlessly.

I trust in the One Self in all.


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