Monday, November 07, 2005

On Perfection

"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." (1 Corinthians 13: 10)
Perfection and wholeness are one and the same. They are both states of being.

When I say "I am a writer" this means I think like a writer. I see people as potential characters, their stories potential plots, and their conversations potential dialogues.

When one is Perfection one's thoughts are perfection, and one's actions are perfection. You know you are perfection when you stop seeing reality in parts. You see and know only the indivisible One.

The Internet is a perfect analogy to understand the One. In order for readers to have access to articles on this website, they need a browser. There is only one website yet billions of people potentially have access to this website. Now readers are welcome to browse my website but they cannot change what I have written, nor can they change the style of my web page. Readers can, of course, translate my articles into their own languages to meet their needs. I have no control how readers interpret the articles. While readers are free to interpret the articles how they like, their interpretations will not change the original intent of the message, nor the style of the web page. Only I can edit the source codes and articles on this website, which will then register in other people's browsers.

The One is like a website, the source. The source is perfection. In order to experience the perfection of the One, each of us has been given browsers or consciousness. There are as many browsers as there are life forms. With our browsers we are all able to experience perfection, which nothing can be added to or taken from.

The One can be translated to meet individual needs just like my articles can be translated into the many languages of the world. That will not change the One. The problem starts when you interpret rather than accept what is. To interpret is to attempt to add to or take away from perfection.

Surely, interpretation is expressing one's unique view of life? Hmmm! Let's take the following sentence: "A dog is barking at a car." It simply means a dog is barking at a car. The sentence could conjure up different images for different people. I might think of a Labrador because I think they are adorable. I might also visualise the car as a Porsche 911 or Jaguar. Whether your dog is a Labrador, Alsatian, Bulldog or Yorkshire Terrier, whether your car is a Robin Reliant, it will not change the truth about what is: a dog is barking at a car. On the other hand, when you wonder why the dog is barking, you are entering the dangerous territory of interpretations. You are now dreaming a dog is barking because it is frustrated, excited, bored, afraid, or whatever. It is this tendency to read meanings that creates distortions. So yes, we all have our unique ways of seeing the world but our ways of seeing should never distort what is.

Back to the analogy of the One as a website. Each of has access to the One website. We are free to express the One in our own unique ways but when we dream meanings, we create distortions. Dreams let you forget there is only the One website that is already perfect, which everyone has equal access to. Instead, you believe you are free to change contents on the website, which you can't anyway, but you delude yourself that you can. Before you know it 6 billion people are dreaming there are 6 billion different websites of the One instead of realising there are 6 billion browsers reading the One. In other words, they all believe they have their own minds instead of the One Mind.

When you forget there is only One Source, you have a part-mentality. You see reality in parts. You even see your body in parts. For instance, man believes his body is divided into the physical and other etheric bodies. There is the belief that one body has different energy systems called chakras. The physical body is divided into major parts...and so the divisions continue. Because your body is in parts, occasionally a part has a dysfunction that needs fixing.

When you are awake to your true Self that is the One, you realise there is only the One body that has no parts. This body is formless though the formless One can project itself to appear as a human body. The human body is a symbol of the One, therefore, the body is the image and likeness of the One. The body shouldn't age because the One does not experience time. The body shouldn't die because the One is unborn, undying. The body shouldn't get sick or be injured because the One is Perfection and Incorruptible.

What if you have awakened to your identity as the One and still experiencing pain and suffering like I do from time to time? Is it possible I've still got a "part" mentality? What do I mean by a "part mentality?"

A "part mentality" tries to fix parts. If you have a headache you want that fixed. If you have a disease you want it removed. The more parts you fix the more parts there are going to be to fix thus perpetuating a "part mentality." What you give your attention to is multiplied.

Another characteristic of a "part mentality" is one who is always correcting or looking to be corrected. You are always thinking of the world as truth versus error. The more errors you correct, the more errors there are to correct.

A wholeness mentality is realising that perfection is. You stop looking to fix or to correct things. If you have a stomach ache and you focus on your stomach, you are being distracted into seeing reality in parts. As Paul writes, you are seeing "through a glass, darkly." So if you have a stomach ache, ignore it. Focus on the formless One that is wholeness. No matter what is going on in your life whether it is pain, financial or whatever, focus on the One. Being whole means remembering that perfection is.

When I remember perfection is, I am remembering there is only the One website. I am remembering that my browser/consciousness is the image and likeness of the One. I cannot add to perfection; I cannot take away from perfection; I can only be what is. In other words, I am reading the original intent as was written by the One.

There are no parts in perfection.
Perfection is.