Friday, November 11, 2005

On Supply

What is supply?

Most people believe money to be supply. When you have lots of money you can buy anything to make you happy. Money is not supply. What is supply if not money, food, shelter, clothes, travel, and all good things?

Supply is another name for the One which is another name for Love. Love is the good that we all wish to experience such as love, security, comfort, peace, perfection, beauty, wisdom, freedom, joy, happiness etc. Love is the essence of who we are.

As you can see, Supply is not a thing that one can experience with one's senses. Have you ever seen joy? Can you eat peace? When we have the essence, then they manifest in our lives in a human form. What we experience as forms are symbols of Supply.

For instance, because we believe we are separate, we have invented telephones to communicate with one another. Thus, a telephone is a symbol of Love. It is Love that inspired people to dream up other ways of communication such as a fax, emails, mobiles and the Internet.

A home is a symbol of Love which is the essence of comfort. Yet you could live in a palace and still feel scared. My friend told me that when he comes out of his local train station late at night, he's very wary of people hanging around. I told him that if he knew Love was all around him, he wouldn't be scared. I've walked late at night in areas that are considered dangerous and I have only felt Love because I know Love is all there is.

Everything we experience in forms are symbols of the one Love. Love manifests as relationships, shelter, work opportunities, ideas, money, clothes, books, music, art, perfect health, holidays, food or whatever good you'd like to experience.

However, when you see Supply as things, you're putting the cart before the horse. So you try to manifest lots of money so you can get lots of stuff. This way of thinking lets you believe you can only experience forms through having to pay for it. So you set out to accumulate wealth by working hard for it, but you don't have the time to do anything when you have accumulated the wealth. Even if the wealth comes through another way, you will not be happy. Why? Because money of itself is not happiness or peace or joy. You could be penniless and feel joy. But if you believe you can only feel joy when you have money you'll soon realise the truth of the matter. You could accumulate lots of stuff and still not be happy. How many celebrities live in their opulent mansions surrounded by security alarms? How come they don't feel secure?

On the other hand, when you realise that the One Love is the same as Supply, you see all forms as symbols of Supply. You are not interested in accumulating stuff but being Love. The irony is Love draws things to you like a magnet but Love works under Her own law: Oneness.

Be Love and the rest follows.