Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The One True Cause

On the one hand, there is always a cause for a feeling, thought or experience. On the other hand, there is no cause.

Why am I feeling so miserable then?
Why do you think?
Maybe it's because I was angry with so and so and I'm now miserable;
I am picking up on other people's misery;
The weather is cold which is making me miserable;
It's what I'm like, happy one minute, miserable the next.
OK. What if you were feeling happy, what would be the cause of your happiness?
It could be because I am enjoying what I'm doing;
I am with people who make me happy;
I am happy because I am happy.
"I am happy because I am happy." Hold that thought.
But I am not happy right now, I feel miserable.
What if I were to tell you there is no real cause to your misery?
How could there not be a cause? I wouldn't be feeling miserable if there wasn't a cause.
I'm saying there is only one Cause and that Cause is Love. Any other cause is a figment of the imagination.
Ha, OK. If Love is the only cause, it could be that Love is causing me to feel miserable.
How so?
Love wants me to feel miserable so I can appreciate when I am feeling happy.
Love manifests as feelings of joy. Where there is joy there is no room for misery.
Where there is Love, there is no room for anything else.
How come I am still feeling miserable?
How can you feel miserable when Love is the only Cause?
But I do feel miserable.
You can't feel miserable because Love is the only Cause.
But I'm not feeling joy, I am miserable.
You are dreaming you are miserable. Love is the only Cause.
How can I be dreaming when I am awake?
Beloved, you can be in deep sleep with your eyes wide open.
You are nuts.
You are dreaming I am nuts.
OK, let's say for argument's sake, I am awake.
Then Love is the only Cause.
I still feel miserable.
Then you are asleep.
Are you saying any time I feel miserable or experience whatever is not of Love, I am asleep?
Hmmm! I must be asleep a lot then.
Afraid so.
I would like to wake up.
Then accept Love as the one True Cause.
OK, I accept.
How are you feeling?
Well, right now I feel happy. I am not miserable.
Are you saying you are feeling happy for no reason at all?
Yeah, I guess so.
Then you are feeling the One True Cause. Good!
It's good to be awake.