Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of Body Experience (OOBE) - A Breakthrough

For many years I've been having OOBEs which have taken a set pattern. I would feel my body lying very stiff and feel a part of me floating in the room and away I go.

At first, I used to hear buzzing in one ear, then feel a lot of pain like pins and needles on my body. Sometimes it felt like I was being scratched. I would also hear voices and thoughts of people. Then I would feel myself lifting up, up and away. Majority of the time, these experiences happened during the day when I am at home, and always when I'm alone. When I was a student, I had frequent OOBEs; guess I had a lot of time on my hands.

Soon the experiences changed. Instead of feeling lots of pain, I started to experience a recurring fear: what if when I am in OOBE someone finds my immobile body and think I am dead when I am hovering? What if I can't get back into my body to tell him or her I am OK? I found whenever I was having an OOBE, I would hear someone coming through the front door, and trying to get into my bedroom. In the meantime I would be desperately trying to come back into my body and I couldn't. I would then have a massive panic attack. Eventually, when I was back in my body, I would discover I had been hallucinating; I was always on my own.

Over the years I've been trying to master how to get back in my body. I soon had the thought about sex, which brings me down to earth. Maybe the mystics are right after all, that sex is not spiritual. Hahaha. Oh well...

Anyway, yesterday I had a breakthrough.

It is mid-morning and I am lying on the sofa in the living room. My mother is in her bedroom sorting out stuff. As I lie there half-awake, I can feel myself about to take off. Oh no, this can't happen with my mother around. What if she comes in and tries to wake me up and thinks I'm dead. No, I mustn’t leave my body now! The next thing I know I am hovering above the body and moving at incredible speed out of my body. I can hear my mother in the living room standing beside the body. She is shaking the body but the body is not moving. I'm trying to tell her I'm alright and that I'm just taking a trip, but she can't hear me. So I tell myself: "Get back now!" I'm back to normal. Where is my mother? She's in her bedroom. I've been having another hallucination. As I lie there pondering the experience, my mother comes to the living room for real and asks me if I'm OK. I tell her I am fine. Great! My mother has embodied my hallucination. Just great!

Why have I been having the same fear all these years? I reckon it has something to do with consensus reality. OOBE is one way to demonstrate that we are Energetic beings, not flesh and blood. The human being is concretised Energy. There is a thought-form, a kind of adversary (also known as the ego), that is always trying to distract one from realising our nature as Divine Energy or Spirit. First, the ego came up with the sensation of pins and needles which tried to prevent me from having an OOBE, but I went anyway. Next, the ego devised another strategy making me fear that when I am being Energy, someone is bound to discover the body and presume me dead. The best thing is to stay in the body. By staying in the body, I perpetuate the belief that I am only flesh and blood. It never occurred to me all these years that all I needed to do when having an OOBE is to tell myself to get back. How simple!

Another realisation I've had is that while I am having an OOBE, I am not projecting anywhere, I am simply experiencing myself as Energy. Energy that is everywhere present doesn't move anywhere. While I appear to be moving out of the body, I am actually moving nowhere (now here) fast. Thus, movement is an illusion, a dream. Which leads to the concept of life and death. Birth and death are dreams. Life is the only real, which is pure Energy. Life is the eternal now but it seems so vast and limitless that a coping strategy is to dream of birth and death. While I am dreaming of having birth and death, I don't have to think of myself as this vast Energy Being.

At least I've got the best of both worlds: where I can choose which aspect of Energy I am being: I can have an OOBE so I can feel myself as Energy; or experience myself as Energy in a solid form, as in this human experience.

When I've had enough of being in a form, I shall return to simply being the totality of All There Is as Light or Energy.

Either way, it's all good.

The best thing about having an OOBE is there is now nothing to fear.


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