Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Reminder - There are No Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I wrote a piece about meeting up with an old friend. I said that there are no missed opportunities. If you miss one opportunity to experience good, there will always be another and another and another ad infinitum.

The world tells us opportunities come once in a lifetime; once it's gone that's it. You're running scared trying to fit in all you can to get that bargain price or whatever, just in case. This is what I call fear-mongering.

Fear-mongering is a form of control to make us believe we have limited choices, or that there are too many people for too few opportunities.

Fear mongers would have you believe that if you don't take up the job, accept the award, or sign the deal, you've lost out on that opportunity, which will never return.

Fear mongers would have you believe that we are being given the opportunity to "wake-up" within a set time or we'll miss the boat. What are you going to do when others have ascended into Heaven and you've been left behind?

Fear mongers would have you believe that your good comes only by earning it. Nothing comes for free. If you want something nice, you're either going to work for it like everybody else or you could hope to receive it as a gift on your birthday, at Christmas or some other celebration dreamed up by the "powers that be."

Fear-mongering is another way to distract us from the Truth of our real Self. To put it another way, fear-mongering is the equivalent of painting a counterfeit over a masterpiece art.

The good news is the One that is the Infinite Good in all is ever present. While your fear projections might delay your good, they will never change the truth that the One Good is always present. This means in every moment the One Good never stops reminding you of your good.

Years ago, I had come to a point in my life when the Inner Voice was telling me it was time to let go and trust in the One. I needed a place to stay where I could be in silence. I had no money so paying rent was out of the question. Was this possible? For weeks prior to moving out of my place I had been having repeated thoughts about a friend. It got to a point when I was pretty desperate and I knew if I didn't find a place I would be homeless. I heard my friend's name again in my thoughts so I emailed him and asked him if he knew of a place I could stay. My friend was in the process of selling his deceased's father's place. He said he needed someone to house-sit and help with sorting out stuff as he was too busy to keep coming back and forth.

When I moved out of the other place apart from my books and some clothes, which I stored at my mother's place, I left everything I had behind including cooking stuff, beddings, television and stereo. I only had a suitcase with me when I moved into my friend's house for that short period. At my friend's house I found cooking utensils and a bed and some furniture. It was a blessing for both of us. I kept the house clean and helped my friend pack and move stuff, and looked after the place. I had the space I needed to be in silence. My friend even paid me for cleaning the house.

So as you can see, the Voice didn't stop reminding me because I hadn't listened the first time. The Voice went on and on until I got the message.

A while back I was fretting over a relative coming over to stay. My thoughts were all over the place. I decided to take a trip to Heathrow airport. I went to the visitor's gallery to watch planes land and take off, which I find very relaxing. Right then a song came on and the refrain was: "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, I'll be there." I knew it was God's message. It all turned out perfectly.

When you realise that the One Good is always present and He never gives up wanting you to have abundant life, it takes off the pressure of wanting things to be perfect now. There is no need to fear because the One is always on your case.

So what if you don't realise who you are now? The One Good is already at the next moment reminding you of who you are.

So what if you miss out on one opportunity? The One Good is already at the next moment either reminding you of the opportunity or creating another opportunity.

So what if you've made mistakes? The One Good is always present making everything brand new.

So what if your last relationship ended in divorce or you've broken up from a loved one? The One Good is already at the next moment creating new opportunities to make new friendships.

The One is like these satellite channels that are always repeating programmes in case you missed them the first time round or you want to see them again. Of course, TV companies do this because it's cheaper than making new programmes but you get the picture.

Every moment is a new opportunity to experience the One Infinite Good. If you don't hear the call, all is not lost. There is always the next moment.

We all have a choice whether to trust in fear-mongering or the One Good that is ever present. I know where I put my trust.


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