Saturday, November 05, 2005


Self-realisation is a constant process of remembering the truth of the One. One tool I use is Self-Inquiry.

When I say "myself" I am not talking about a self that is different from another person, I am referring to the One Self. This Self is not limited by the type of form, it is the same Self in all. This means that I have the same self as a dog, cat, elephant, lion, ant, snake, pigeon (oh no, not a pigeon), everything. There is only one Self.

The other day I noticed this huge spot on my face? Cue the music from the movie, Psycho! Where did that come from? I was torn between squeezing the life out of it or giving it some energy. I decided to use Self-Inquiry as follows:

Who am I?
I am Self?
Can Self suffer from a spot?
Then who has the spot?
The human self.
How can there be another self when there is only one Self?
Quite right.
Who is the human self?
There is no human self.
Who has a spot?
Nothing has a spot.
Can nothing have or be a something?
Who am I?
I am Self.
Who has the spot?
Not Self. It is a nothing. Nothing cannot be something. It is not real.

I paid no more attention to the spot as it was a nothing. It has now become a nothing.

Self-Inquiry can be applied to all types of human suffering. Self never experiences suffering. If your identity is Self then you cannot go through pain. If you are, it is a nothing trying to be something.

What is this nothing trying to be something?

Imagine you've arranged to meet up with a friend at a specific time. Your friend is late. You haven't got a mobile phone for your friend to contact you. You're fuming. You start to imagine all sorts of scenarios why he hasn't turned up. When your friend finally arrives forty five minutes later, he apologises. He says he couldn't leave work on time because of some emergency, and he wasn't able to contact you. You are in no mood for his excuses. You're so mad at him you bicker all night. It's not a good evening.

If you were to retrace your steps that evening, there were signs you didn't pay attention to. When you got on the bus there was a huge traffic jam. You could have stayed on the bus but you decided to catch the tube instead. There was a slight delay on the line you wanted so what did you do? You got off and swapped to another line which was very crowded. Being squashed didn't bother you at all as long as you arrived at your destination on time. If you'd gone with the flow and stayed on that bus, not only would you have had a comfortable journey, you would have been in perfect synchrony with your friend. But you were too busy thinking you had your own self which was different from your friend's self.

When you are dreaming you have a self that is separate from everyone, you are a nothing trying to be something. You are creating a separate reality. The dream seems so real you can experience it with your senses. Similarly, pain can feel very real but it is not of Self; it is a dream. Self cannot experience pain.

When you realise there is only one Self, all experiences are part of the One experience. There are no delays; "delays" are part of the plan.

It takes persistence to ignore pain and suffering and be the One Self, but one must be consistent. Staying awake is Self-remembering.

Self-Inquiry is a fun model to remember the One Self.

Love Enocia