Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sweet Enough

I used to have two teaspoonfuls of sugar in my tea, then I increased it to three, then four and now five. I still find my tea is not sweet enough.

I've also noticed chocolates are not as sweet as they used to be.

While I was making some tea for me and my mother last night I asked her if she's noticed sugar is not like it used to be. I told her how much sugar I'd put in my tea and it still wasn't sweet. I let her have a sip of my tea. She said she felt sick as my tea tasted like syrup. How odd! Maybe, it doesn't matter how much sugar I put in my tea it can't taste any sweeter. Taste is, after all, a perception of Mind.

It got me thinking about Infinite Joy. Joy is ever so joyful that no matter how much joy I experience Joy is always the same.

Who needs sugar anyway? I'm already sweet enough.