Thursday, November 03, 2005

That's Life!

This morning I asked my mother whether she wanted me to buy her newspaper. She told me not to bother as it was probably going to be full of David Blunkett's resignation from the Cabinet.

"You're right mum," I said, "the papers are going to be filled with blunkett statements." Hehehe

At the bus station I sat next to this man who looked very smart in his navy suit. He was fixing his tie.

"Nice tie," I said.
"Your shirt looks good too. It's nice to see men wearing pink shirts and looking good in pink. If women can wear blue, there's no reason why you guys shouldn't wear pink."
"My wife picks out my shirts and ties," he said.
"Well, tell her she has good taste."
"Really?" he said. "That's not what my wife thinks when I walk through the front door."


You've got to have a laugh.

Have a good one.