Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There are No Missed Opportunities

There is only the One Good in all that is our real Self. This Good is also our Joy, Love and Happiness.

Yesterday I pondered about how you could have a wish to meet someone and how the One in all arranges the perfect opportunity. The One guides one's journeys so that wish can be fulfilled. However, you can either have the eyes to see the opportunity and make the most of it, or you could dream up obstacles in the way. The good news is there will always be another opportunity (or opportunities) for that wish to be fulfilled.

I've been thinking of a friend I used to live with years ago. The last time I saw her, about ten years ago, she was living in the area where I do most of my work.

Does she still live in the local area?
Is she married?
The last time I saw her she had a son. Has she got more kids?
What about her eldest sister and her son who used to live in the area, do they still live in the area?

Yesterday after I had finished posting my articles I could have got the bus into town but I felt like taking a stroll into the local town and catching a bus from there. I didn't have any particular plans. As I was walking up a road a woman across the name called my name. "Is that you?" she said. I recognised her as the friend I used to live with. I ran across the road and we hugged. She said she couldn't believe I looked the same, and I hadn't put on any weight. It was so good to see my friend again.

My friend said she now had four kids, been married and divorced twice. She was on her way to pick up her daughter from school. Turns out her daughter's school was right behind the library where I do most of my work. She also lived close by. I accompanied her to her house where I met the rest of her kids, who are a lot of fun.

My friend phoned one sister, whom I shared a house with briefly, and I spoke to her.

My friend also told me about another ex-flatmate who is now her best friend. She phoned her and we had a chat on the phone.

My friend's eldest sister turned up at her house. She had forgotten her keys at home and wanted her son to pick her up from my friend's house. It was lovely to see her again. She still lived in the area with her husband and son. I met her son who is all grown up.

In that one meeting I got all my questions answered.

Isn't it wonderful how the One works for the Good of all?

Love always,