Monday, November 28, 2005

Two Short Planks

There is a forum I participate in where the members are really witty. You get more and more creative at comebacks and put downs, all done in jest of course. Sometimes we play a game of the "battle of the sexes." Today's theme is male stupidity. Here's something I wrote in response to someone, which has to be recorded for posterity. (It has been edited for grammar).

As you already know, no you don't as you are stupid, males have XY and female XX chromosomes. Science tells us the Ys are shorter than the Xs. Do you want to know why? Because men are as thick as TWO SHORT planks.* Females are so compassionate they have offered to share their superior intellect with males, which enables males to have the XY chromosomes. Without females, the world will be in a bigger mess than it is now.

Thank you guys for allowing me to flex my wit muscles. You are a lot of fun.

Love always,

* The phrase "as thick as two short planks" is a slang which means "very stupid."