Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who Are You Really?

A guy is an ordinary bloke.
A guy's guy is the type of man who is into sports, drinking beer, having a laugh with his mates down the pub, leering at women and just being a guy's guy.

A woman is an ordinary woman.
A woman's woman is a woman who is very girlie, into fashion and makeup, reads Cosmo, loves to share her feelings with her mates, and having a laugh.

A guy's woman is a woman who is like a guy's guy but is female. This type of woman is considered a friend but not girlfriend material.
A woman's guy is a guy a woman has as a friend but not as a boyfriend.

A guy's guy's woman is the girlfriend of a guy's guy.
A woman's woman's guy is the boyfriend of a woman's woman.

(I'm only concerned with heterosexual relationships).

What do I consider myself to be?

Well I am a woman's woman's guy's woman's guy's guy's woman. Don't ask me what that means, it's way too complicated. Just accept me as I am, OK?

Whoever you are, I love you anyway.