Saturday, November 26, 2005

Without a Cause

"The universe has no limits, and the possibilities at play in the universe at large are indeed incommensurable. So don’t fall prey to the axiom, 'I believe only what I see,' because it is the dumbest stand one can possibly take." (Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity)
My experiences can be put into two categories or realms: that of the cause and the causeless. In the cause, things happen because of something I have done. An experience is the outcome of a thought I had previously or a choice I made. The problem with the cause is that it keeps you stuck in one way of experiencing the universe. Underneath the cause is what I consider to be ultimate reality, which is beyond cause and effect - the causeless realm.

Let's say you're stuck in traffic. You could come up with many plausible reasons why you are stuck in traffic. It could be because it is rush hour, there might be engineering works, some kind of incident or whatever. Why are you stuck in this traffic? Is the universe reflecting your thoughts? Is the universe delaying your journey for a reason? Even when you believe Love to be the only cause there is always a cause.

What if you were to know that there is no cause to anything? This means this moment has no connection at all to anything that has happened previously or any thoughts you have had. It is a new stand-alone moment. You can now choose whether you want to experience the reality of traffic or be released. If you choose to be released the traffic dissolves in front of your eyes, like magic.

The causeless realm makes no sense to the logical mind, or one looking for a cause to everything. It is a realm where there are different laws in operation. Actually, there are no laws. The causeless realm is like having a dream when one minute you are in London and the next you are in Sydney. You didn't have to travel, you were simply there spontaneously. In your dream you don't question how this happened, you accept that it is the way it is. Well, that is the way it is in the causeless realm.

Today, I received an email from a friend asking me what the best method to achieve an OOBE (out of body experience). I couldn't answer his question. I told him it just happened spontaneously. I can now sense when I'm about to have an OOBE, but how it does, I have no idea. This leads on to meditation. There are many teachings advising people that a practice, like meditation, helps you achieve inner peace and connect you to your real Self. While I agree to a certain extent, I also know there is no proof that there is a link between meditation and being the Self. I have experienced myself as the Inner Light. Was it because I had been sitting for ages in meditation or because I had been practising meditation for a long time? I can't answer that. Beside, I don't sit in meditation, I don't have a posture; I prefer to lie down on my back, and sometimes on my side. Merging with the Light happened spontaneously. I have also tried different group meditations. While it was nice, I never felt completely at ease. I found the rituals and postures distracting. I soon went back to my "no-particular-posture-way" of meditation that may or may not lead to Nirvana.

How does one experience the causeless realm? Easy. We've all experienced the causeless at one time or another. When you're happy for no reason at all, you are in the causeless realm. When you feel immense joy and love for no reason at all you are in the causeless realm. I can feel joy by just thinking of joy and I feel so much joy it's as if I can't contain it. I can feel peace in exactly the same way. Is there any point to meditation when I can achieve peace in an instant? I think not. Is there any point to studying Truth when I can be love in an instant. Absolutely, pointless.

True freedom lies within the causeless realm because it is the realm of the unconditioned and infinite possibilities. The causeless realm is the realm of "miracles" though I don't believe in miracles. Incidentally, a friend sent me a copy of this very interesting article called There are no miracles.

If we can be happy for no reason at all; if we can feel peace for no reason at all; if we can feel whole for no reason at all, what else can we experience for no reason at all? Isn't it a matter of letting go of cause and effect and letting the causeless do its thing just like it does in our sleeping dreams.

Hey, consider this. What if we are experiencing life in reverse? What if when we are awake, we are actually sleeping; and when we are sleeping is when we are awake? Interesting thought.

The universe is causeless, but we have just painted a counterfeit picture of cause and effects over it. And this counterfeit picture is doing all it can to keep the causeless realm hidden from our view.

Well, I can see reality clearly. Life is causeless.


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