Thursday, December 22, 2005

After You!

So a bus arrives at the stop. There are three of us waiting to get on. I motion for the woman on my left to get on before me, but she motions me to get on. I beckon the guy on my right to get on but he beckons me to get on before him. For crying out loud someone has to make the first move. So I get on the bus.

I wonder what our interaction was like from the driver's perspective.

Passenger 1: "After you."

Passenger 2: "No, no, after you."

Passenger 1: "I insist, after you."

Passenger 1 to passenger 3: "After you."

Passenger 3: "No, after you."

Driver drumming his fingers impatiently thinks to himself: "Is anyone going to get on this effing bus or what?"