Friday, December 02, 2005

Co-Creating With God

My friend, wrote the following in response to an earlier article:

"Also I think you are right about God or the One not understanding things in our terms. In other words, God does not have to be a great physicist or chemist or medical doctor. God probably finds such things rather quaint and clumsy approaches to such know how. Jesus didn't have to be a baker or a fisherman to pull off the loaves and fishes scenario. Judas may have thought, 'We could make a killing on fish burgers with all profit and no overhead!' Fast food was not what Jesus was about, however."
The universe that God has created is like a masterpiece that is complete and perfect. Nothing can be added to or taken away from perfection. Perfection is.

Instead of enjoying the perfection for what it is, man is painting his own version over it and calling it co-creation.

Last night I watched a documentary about the history of the Atlantic cable. Cyprus Field, who put forward the idea, must have felt that we are all connected, and that knowing gave him the inspiration. While the idea is very commendable, this shows that human ways are not God's ways. What do I mean by this?

Cable is a symbol of communication in time and space. Cable is the material version of telepathy. What is telepathy? It is a method of transferring information by thought. For telepathy to work, you have to pretend you have a separate mind from someone.

Years ago I played the telepathy game on my now ex-boyfriend. He wasn't into spirituality; he was a guy's guy and into football (soccer), music and beer. I told him he could read my mind but he wouldn't believe me. I suggested I was going to "send" him a shape and he was going to see that shape in his mind. I told him to still his thoughts and see a blank screen in his mind's eye. Then I thought of a circle and "sent" it to him. He was shocked to "receive" a circle. It was now his turn to "send" me a shape. He "sent" me a triangle. My friend was so freaked out he didn't want to play the game anymore. He even refused to discuss it further.

Like I said, we were only playing a game of receiving and sending. In truth, there is only one Mind and each of us is a "frequency" of Mind. So you can't receive or send, you can only tune into what is. My friend was obviously tuning into my frequency.

Most times, apart from Spams and forwarded stuff, I can read my personal emails telepathically. They come to me in a form of a day-dream and sound like I'm talking to myself. I can also pick up on human thoughts but I can tune them out at will. A lot of what we consider to be divinely inspired are human thoughts. Telepathy is a human belief.

In God there are no separate thoughts. In God there is only the one thought of silence. There is, therefore, no need for telepathy.

Human discourses, ideas and beliefs are but clouds obfuscating the brilliant sky. Clouds are not the sky and will never be the sky. God's ways are not human ways and will never be human ways.

I believe co-creating with God is simply undoing human creations so that we can experience our brilliant sky-like universe and nature.

One could co-create by:

Being grateful for what is; or

By always remembering that there is only God; and affirming: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." (Luke 6: 10) What is not of God is nothing and should be dismissed as nothing.

For instance, I know what love feels like. If I feel hate or anger from someone, I co-create by dismissing the thoughts as nothing and affirming that "only God exists."

I have no interest in adding to what is already perfect. I am only interested in experiencing what is.

With love,