Monday, December 05, 2005

Ending Duality - Same Old, Same Old

"From beginning to end 365 days of the year
I want your same ol' love
All I want to you is keep on loving you
I want your same ol' love" Same Old Love
I'm sure you've heard of, or know of, people who have moved from their native country to the UK, for example, but still only associate with people from their own native land. The only difference between their lives then and now is the change of location and the fact that they have British citizenship and work in the UK. Apart from that, it's the same old, same old.

But wait, these people have got something very important. They have got the secret to ending duality, the curse of the human experience that goes from sickness to health; happiness to sadness; poverty to wealth; etc. What is this secret? Consistency, the same old, same old approach.

Imagine that God as formless Spirit resonates at a frequency of Godinium. When the formless takes on a form it should resonate at Godinium, right? Whether the form appears as a sun, moon, or a Class Y or Demon Planet, as they say in StarTrek, it should still resonate at Godinium. The problem is we tend to judge by appearances. When something appears one way, the senses will have you believe it's supposed to be one way; and according to your perception is the reality you experience.

I was lying in the bath while I was pondering on these ideas. When I went back to the living room, I noticed the curtains had a slight movement.

"Is that window open?" I asked my mother.
"No, it's closed."

Bugger! My senses have deceived me into thinking there was a movement and that the window was open. What a sucker I am!

Anyway, my point is that no matter where we are experiencing life, God is always the same. No matter what form the One is taking, He is still the same.

I remember reading the following in David Icke's book "Tales of the Time Loop."

"When King Louis XIV of France sought to purge the Huguenots in the 1600s, his death squads found a group known as the Camisards in the Cevennes Valley who simply would not die under any circumstances. Michael Talbot writes:

'In an official report sent to Rome, one of the persecutors, a prior named Abbe du Chayla complained that no matter what he did, he could not succeed in harming the Camisards. When he ordered them shot, the musket balls would be found flattened between their clothing and their skin. When he closed their hands upon burning coals, they were not harmed, and when he wrapped them head to toe in cotton soaked with oil and set them on fire, they did not burn.'"
(Tales from the Time Loop, by David Icke, page 366)
This suggests to me that the Camisards realised that everything is resonating at Godinium frequency. They refused to accept any other reality no matter what was being done to them. And as they realised, they had the equivalent experience.

Did you know that the Godinium frequency is as close as one's breath? I hear this sound in my head which I've written about in another article called The Power of Inner Silence. The sound is always there. There was a time when I couldn't hear it but it didn't mean it wasn't present, it's just that I couldn't hear it. Now I can. The sound is a never-ending drone, rather like a bag-pipe that produces that single sustained tone; but the tone I hear is high pitched. I cannot tell whether the tone is different for different people. All I know that, for me, it sounds like a continuous "Eeeeeeek."

This sound is a constant reminder that everything resonates at Godinium; and that God is ever present. I affectionately call God the "Eeeeeeek."

So I admire people who have the same old friends and reminisce over the same old experiences. They are reminding me that nothing ever changes.

No matter what the appearance, it is the same old, same old love.

No matter what I am appearing as, I am always the same old, same old love.

Same old Enocia