Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Game of Receiving

The other day I watched an episode of the The Simpsons. Madge is about to give Homer her Christmas present. Homer tells Madge his gift to her is outside. He runs out and thinks out loud that he's forgotten to buy Madge a present. Homer races to the local shops to buy something but the store is completely empty. All the other shops are closed Eventually, Homer returns home.

With her eyes filled with love, Madge hands Homer her present. As Homer opens it she tells him that she knew he was going to forget to buy her a present. So she took it upon herself to buy Homer's gift to her. Homer opens the gift and finds it in more wrapping paper. Homer offers the wrapped gift to Madge and tells her it is from him. Madge opens the gift. Inside is a framed picture of Madge and Homer.

This a complicated way to get a gift, isn't it? Not to Madge. Madge knows that Homer love for her is a precious gift in itself, but she wants to experience the feeling of receiving a Christmas present from her beloved husband. Madge also knows the only way she's going to get a gift from her airhead husband is to get it herself. Madge is therefore playing the game of receiving.

What if God is playing a game of receiving? God already has everything, right? There's nothing that God needs. God can only give. For God to experience receiving He has to create a game of receiving. God thinks up a perfect way: he creates infinite forms, vessels that can receive what He has to give. Man is one such vessel.

The game of receiving works perfectly when man plays his role as receiver. When man realises that there is only God, he realises that he is God-man. God-man can now only give because it is his nature to give. God-man now has difficulty receiving. In order for God-man to receive, he has to play a game of receiving, otherwise he will never be able to experience what it feels like to receive. God-man has to see himself as the vessel that he was created to be, to receive all that God is.

I've noticed that after an hour or so of watching television, my eyes start to hurt. My eyes go blurry and I find it difficult reading words on the screen. I used to just dismiss it and let it go. Yesterday, I had a thought that when I see things, it's as if they are coming from me. Why not pretend I am receiving the experience instead? This is exactly what I did. I imagined the programme I was watching as a beam of light flowing to me and filling me up. My eyes stopped hurting and I was able to enjoy the programme. At the end of the movie I found I could read the credits in small prints, which I couldn't do before.

The human experience is a game that God has devised to give to Himself. We are all vessels created to receive. That's all we need to do - receive.

In truth, God is all there is and God is all that I am being. In order to experience the joy of receiving, I see every experience as Divine Light pouring into me. I see all the desires of my heart as Light pouring into me, filling me and overflowing. And so it is.

Life is a game of receiving. It is good to receive all that God is.

With love,