Monday, December 12, 2005

God Will Fix It

I recently asked my friend, Ben, to produce a fractal which reflects my Real Self that is already perfect, therefore, nothing can be added to or taken away from perfection. He promised me he would.

When I received the fractal I tried to post it on my blog. While it appeared on the profile page it didn't appear on the web page. I thought it was a source problem and asked Ben for advice. I tried uploading the picture from Ben's source but it still wouldn't appear on the web page.

Next, I got in contact with the Blogger Helpdesk who haven't got back to me as yet.

Yesterday, I sent an email to Ben thanking him again for his help. Though the problem wasn't yet resolved, I wrote:

"Not to worry; God who produced the fractal as Ben Gilberti will surely find a way for the fractal to appear on my web page." :-)
I'm pleased to announce God has sorted the problem out but in another way. I was inspired to check out a friend's blog called The Kahdoosch Bag and compare his html codes with mine. I soon saw there were some codes missing from mine that were preventing the fractal from appearing on my web page. I soon fixed it. In other words, God fixed it as me.

Thank you dear friends for all your help.

With love,

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