Friday, December 09, 2005

Life is a Game

I recently saw a repeat of Derren Brown’s show: The Gathering. Brown "describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship."

In one segment he gets a taxi driver to look at a map and to imagine himself taking a customer from one destination to the next. Brown asks the driver to take a long-winded route to his destination. When the driver has finished, Brown asks the driver to tell him the route; Brown draws the route, the driver has taken in his imagination, on the map. Brown makes a note of the page and map code. Then Brown reveals that before the show, he had also written the same page number, map code and final destination. As you can imagine, the taxi driver and the audience were flummoxed by Derren Brown’s abilities. How could he have known what route the driver would take in his imagination?

While I don’t claim to know Brown’s strategy, I can only imagine that Brown had put out an intention about the destination he had in mind; and wherever there is an intention there is a consciousness willing to play out that intention. Intention and consciousness arise as one. Naturally, Brown attracted someone willing to play the game. As Brown says at the end of the show, "Thank you for playing."

Life is a game. While players may appear to be losers on the human level, on the level of the Game Master, there are no losers. You see at the level of Spirit, we are all happy to support one another because we all know that there is really only one Player. As Spirit, we all know that we are One so when one gains we all gain.

Life is a game. The game is the intention and the players are consciousness. Wherever there is an intention, there is always a willing consciousness to carry out that intention. Intention and consciousness always arise as one. This means that whatever you can think of already exists. All you have to say is NOW!

I am a player.