Saturday, December 10, 2005

Making Something Out of Nothing

Last Wednesday, a new reality television show started on Channel 4 called Space Cadets. It's about twelve ordinary members of the public who have been recruited to train as space cadets. A few of them will spend time orbiting space. The cadets are flown to Russia to have their space training.

What the cadets don't realise is they are in a "disused military base" in Suffolk in the UK. The television company has gone to great lengths to make the training ground look and feel like Russia. These cadets seriously believe they are now in Russia and being trained to go to space.

In a twist to the tale, not all the cadets are ignorant of their predicament; three of them are actors.

In last night's programme, their Russian physical instructor, Val, put the cadets through rigorous exercises. A few of the actors came into the diary room to complain that they hadn't expected their jobs to be this hard. One actor got sick after and he was withdrawn from the programme. All that pain for nothing.

They also showed the cadets having lectures about space travel. Part of what they were being taught was fact, the rest was bogus! The students were frantically taking notes while one actor was trying hard not to laugh. The cadets even took part in a communication role play. All for nothing.

The idea is only four of them will be selected to orbit space. The cadets, not in the know, are going to try to do all they can to be selected. All that competitiveness for nothing.

While the game seems like a cruel hoax, I believe it is not that different from our predicament here on Earth. When I think of how much time I've spent learning how to be a human, like what to eat and what not to eat, and it's all been for nothing. Now I'm letting go of everything I thought I knew so I can be empty and be who I really am. How ironic!

I have also realised that though I appear to be on Earth, I have never left my real home in Spirit. I feel like one of the actors in the know pretending to go through the human rituals in order not to give myself away.

I believe Space Cadets is a brilliant Masterclass for the human condition; the art of making something out of nothing.

It's only TV but I love it.


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