Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A New Phase

I've been putting all my articles in order. They're now all done for Vector8 Journals and The One in All. I will continue to update the list for this blog as and when.

It's now making a lot of sense why I've produced these blogs.

A while back I went into a retreat. I had received the "call" to be Self. It was also time to integrate the wisdom I had accumulated and see how they related to who I was being. So I spent time meditating and contemplating truth. I ended up filling a whole book with my thoughts. For a few weeks, I kept hearing this loud flute-like sound in my head that no one else could hear, which drove me bonkers. I continued to meditate and one day the sound disappeared and I was left with profound silence.

Just before I finished the retreat, I felt this Presence, a being of Light that I believe to be my Real Self. The Presence told me to go into the world and share my experiences with others.

This is what I have been doing. The articles in Vector8 Journals represent experiences from the perspective of Mind. I am trying to make sense of all the wisdom I have accrued and see how they relate to who I am. The best way to know if I've fully integrated this "wisdom" is to test them in life experiences. Then I had to let go all wisdom and trust in my own vision of the One. Thus, articles in the The One in All represent my perspective of the One.

Though I have different experiences, there is a core centre, my Real Self, that is unaffected by my human experiences. Self is always the same. As Self, I view the world from the place of silence.

I feel it's now time to take a rest and just be from Silence.

I look forward to sharing more experiences from the place of Silence.

With love,